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Insurance for your home

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Our customers have saved money and set up their home insurance online, even if they've had insurance problems in the past.

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Your circumstances

Everyone is different, but we treat everyone equally

Personal circumstances may sometimes make it difficult to get your home insured. Most insurers use it as a reason to reject customers - not us. We believe everyone has the right to protect the things they love. We also understand that not everything in life is simple and that circumstances can vary enormously. Have a look at all the individual circumstances we cover by browsing the list to the right.

Type of property

We’ll cover your house, be it a HUF House, a house made from Eco-turf or one made of glass

We cover all types of property. You can live in a semi in Surrey or a log cabin in Lincolnshire - whatever you call home, we'll cover it. No matter if it's made from state-of-the-art or medieval materials. Maybe your home is literally a castle, or you really do live in a barn. Unusual properties scare off most other insurance companies - but not us. Find out more by browsing through the list to the right.

Property condition

We’ll insure your home, warts and all

Honestly, there's no such thing as the perfect house. Every house has its history, its little oddities and foibles. It's just that some conditions make it harder to insure than others: a history or risk of subsidence or flooding, previous underpinning, poor state of repair or even plans for future renovations. All of these things will have other insurance companies running for cover - not us. Have a look at the type of conditions we cover in the list to the right.

Property usage

Leave insuring your property to us. How you use it is up to you.

Any remotely unusual way of using your property can instantly classify you as 'hard to insure' in the eyes of most insurance companies. It can be anything from your property being empty for spells, used as a holiday home or because it's the base for your business. Whether you're a childminder or run a B&B, we'll happily cover your home, no matter what.