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"I had to be sure that having B&B guests wouldn't in some way invalidate my policy if something happened and I had to claim."
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The growth in popularity for Airbnb has been phenomenal. At HomeProtect, we’re pleased to be able to offer cover to those that invite paying guests into their home.

We caught up with one customer, Debra, to find out more about what prompted her to start using the Airbnb service, and what led her HomeProtect.

Debra, in her own words:

I live in a small Welsh town where there is an active canoeing centre. It is also well located for visiting the sights of West Wales - 1 hour from Swansea, 1 hour from Aberystwyth, and the whole of Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion within easy reach.

I was prompted to start a B&B as I work freelance and was looking for ways to boost my income. I also love travelling, so I enjoy meeting travellers myself. I speak a few different languages, so I'm very happy to have overseas guests that I can practise with. I also speak Welsh and I offer Welsh practice and accompanied excursions for Welsh learners at an additional cost.

The room has twin beds so I can take 2 guests, but they have to share my bathroom as there is no ensuite. I also provide a basic breakfast, and guests are free to use the kitchen to prepare their evening meal if they wish.

The main challenges are just the practical ones of keeping up with cleaning, washing the linen, changing the beds, and being conscious of maintaining a clean and tidy house all the time in case someone books at short notice.

I haven't had any security worries at all so far - everyone has been lovely - but I did get internal locks put on my bedroom door and my office door, so I can lock those rooms if I know I'm going to be out at any time when the guests may be here. That allows me to keep everything valuable or confidential locked away.

Are you running a B&B from home and searching for insurance?

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You never can be too careful...

I had to be sure that having B&B guests wouldn't in some way invalidate my policy if something happened and I had to claim. I know that Airbnb covers any damage that might be caused by a guest, but I was worried that just the fact that I had other people in the house might invalidate an ordinary Home & Contents policy.

I found HomeProtect through a comparison website when I was trying to find a suitable insurance company. I could tick a box showing that I had paying guests (it even mentioned Airbnb) and that filtered the list of insurance companies, with HomeProtect coming out on top.

I love meeting a variety of people and being able to share with them a taste of Welsh language and culture. Most local people seem pleased that I am offering the service and bringing visitors to the town, and I have peace of mind that the house and contents are covered whether I have guests here or not.