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Detecting Flat Roof Problems

Identifying problems with flat roofing

Often when a flat roof is leaking, it will soon become noticeable in the rooms below. When you come to check the top side of the roof, the point of penetration is usually clearly visible but may not be directly above the point where it appears below. This is likely to be because water enters the top layer and then runs between subsequent layers, until it finds its way through your ceiling boards.

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When you have a flat roof, it can be hard to find flat roof house insurance as they can come with a number of problems that mainstream insurers regard as non-standard.

Fixing the leak

When roofs start to let in water, simply fixing the leak may not be enough to rectify the problem. Depending on the nature and severity of the leak, the water damage caused can lead to further repair costs. This is one of the reasons why flat roof building insurance can be harder to come by than insurance for standard roof types. It is important to act quickly when you realise your roof is leaking, and it is a good idea to keep up basic preventative maintenance to stop it from leaking in the first place.

Causes of the leak

Knowing what is causing a leak is vital to stopping it from reoccurring. You need to inspect your roof covering and check that it isn't "ponding". This is where water pools on the surface of the roof, and may be indicative of a drainage or roof gradient problem. Any ponding deeper than twenty five millimetres can cause trouble, so needs to be addressed. Putting right problems before further damage is caused can help keep down the cost of your future flat roof insurance quotes.

Indications of ponding

Indications of ponding, other than the obvious presence of water, might include visible watermarks or growing vegetation. When a problem with your roof is a result of poor design, it is important that you find this out early. You should check the roof for cracking at the joins or corners, as indications that the roofing may have moved. Rusted or missing roof nails can also cause leaks, as can obstructed or punctured guttering. Remaining vigilant is the best way to avoid major issues and keep your flat roof building insurance claims to a minimum.

Gravel Coating

If you have a gravel coating on your roof, you need to look out for discolouration of the stones as this can indicate leaks. Blistering of the covering material can also show that moisture has penetrated the surface layer and can cause leakage over time. Where flat roofing has not been fitted with an adequate void space between the surface and the ceiling beneath, condensation can become a problem and threaten the integrity of your roof. A properly fitted roof will make it easier to obtain flat roof house insurance.


It is a good idea to seek professional help when fixing or refitting your flat roofing. You should always seek out reputable contractors to make sure you get the best possible service. With homeprotect you can obtain a competitive online quote for flat roof insurance, no matter what type of flat roof you have and how much of your property is roofed in this way. Though mainstream insurers might charge you higher premiums, lacking the specialist knowledge required to assess your particular case, our specialist underwriters are trained to make sure you only ever pay for the risk your property actually faces.

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