The Effects of CCJs on Home Insurance

If a creditor decides to take legal action against you over non-payment of a debt, then they may seek a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or another type of court order to force you to pay.

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Exploring the effect CCJ's have on your home insurance

A court order will usually set a date by which you will have to have repaid your debt, either in full or in an instalment of a certain percentage of the total sum. The court will use information about your income and spending to determine the repayments you need to make.

Meeting the deadlines

If you do not meet the deadlines set out by your CCJ, your creditor can return to court to seek enforcement of the order which might result in bailiffs visiting your home or business. Banks use the CCJ register to assist their decisions over whether or not to offer you credit, so once a CCJ has been awarded against you, it is imperative that you strive to meet the terms of the order. If you are able to repay the owed sum in full within one month of the judgement being made against you, then the CCJ will be removed from the register. If you repay the debt after one month, the CCJ stays on the register, but is recorded as "satisfied". Non-payment results in "unsatisfied" appearing beside your CCJ on the register.

Change of circumstances

If you suffer a change of circumstances that leave you in a position where you are unable to meet the terms of your CCJ, you should apply to get your court order changed rather than allow yourself to fall behind with repayments. If you fail to take action to change your CCJ and subsequently fail to meet its terms, then you could be at risk of losing your possessions and even your home in more severe cases.


The knock-on effect of having a CCJ against you can extend beyond being able to obtain credit, it can also harm your chances of being able to find a job in certain professions, and can even hinder you when you come to buy something as basic and necessary as home insurance.

Many insurance providers will reject your application if they see you have a CCJ, regardless of whether it is satisfied or not, and this can make it incredibly difficult for you to buy home insurance with a CCJ online. With HomeProtect though, we will provide you with a competitive online home insurance quote even if you or anyone named on your policy has a CCJ against their name.

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