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My quote has been referred, what does this mean?

What does referred mean? If you have just found out that your quote has been “referred” or “sent for referral”, the details shown here should help explain what that is and what to expect.

We appreciate you were probably hoping to obtain a quote quickly, however in this instance your quote has been sent to our in-house Underwriting team to be checked to make sure it provides enough cover for your insurance needs.

What does “referral” mean?

Finding out that your quote has been referred means that your quote is being checked by our team of in-house expert Underwriters. The accurate insurance risks of your property and/or your circumstances will be taken into account in the calculation of your personalised policy.

Why has my quote been referred?

Quotes are referred to the Underwriters if: your home is undergoing renovation, your property has prior subsidence, has been underpinned or if you have had a high value claim or a large number of claims previously. Other situations requiring referral include: a very high value of contents or a very high rebuild cost for your building.

When will I receive my quote?

Normally we will be able to get back to you with an answer from our Underwriting team within 2 working days. However if you urgently need to sort out your home insurance please do contact our New Business team and we will do our best to prioritise your referral accordingly.

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