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Does the policy cover my contents whilst in storage?

Yes. We can cover the contents when they are temporarily stored in a professional storage facility up to 20% of the total value of contents to be insured. This cover protects you against damage caused by:

  1. Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake or smoke.
  2. Aircraft and other flying devices or items dropped from them.
  3. Storm, flood or weight of snow.
  4. Escape of water from fixed indoor pipes, water tanks, toilets, or frost to water systems.
  5. Escape of oil or smoke from heating system.
  6. Theft or attempted theft.
  7. Collision by vehicle/animal.
  8. Riot, violent disorder, strike etc.
  9. Subsidence, landslip or heave.
  10. Falling trees, lamp post, telegraph poles.

We also provide cover against fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, theft or attempted theft whilst the contents are being moved to or from your new property, a bank, safe deposit or furniture storage location.

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