Flood risk management for River Thames properties

A case study about home insurance
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Mr Maynard has been buying home insurance for 40 years. In that time, he often used his mortgage provider to source cover. More recently he has turned to online price comparison sites to find more affordable insurance.

The current property, where Mr Maynard has lived for 30 years, is near the River Thames. While the risk of flooding has always been there, it is only in recent years that issues with insuring the property have increased. With the recent storms causing catastrophic flooding across parts of the UK, the effect on premiums has been notable.

Having gone through numerous forms online during his search, it became apparent that once most insurers saw the postcode, they declined to quote: “A huge raft of questions need answering when experience has shown that my postcode was the only crucial data.”

The risk has always been there

That was not the case when Mr Maynard came across HomeProtect though. Having discovered the website through his online research, and being reassured that the policies are underwritten by AXA and other reliable insurers, he was able to secure a quote online.

When speaking to HomeProtect Customer Services, Mr Maynard explained his circumstances: “Although it has never flooded in history, it came close a couple of years ago and I need to feel secure.” He also cautioned those who are thinking of buying a property close to water to “expect to have problems finding insurance! Especially at a sensible price.”

It’s not all about the postcode

Using risk assessments based on industry data HomeProtect was able to predict the risk of flooding to Mr Maynard’s property. We considered not only the threat of being so close to the River Thames, but we also took the risk of ground water and flash flooding into account. We’re pleased that we were able to help and take on the risk in this case.

Nowadays it’s more and more commonplace to hear of homeowners that have been refused insurance based on their proximity to water. While the risk can be significant, it’s important to know that there are specialist insurers who can offer cover in high flood risk areas.

When we asked what advice Mr Maynard would offer to others in a similar situation we were pleased to learn he would recommend they contact HomeProtect directly!

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“Although it has never flooded in history, it came close a couple of years ago and I need to feel secure.”