Case study: Insuring a flood risk timber frame property

How HomeProtect came to the rescue when other insurers refused to cover
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Peter, a property owner of a 16th century half timbered property near Shropshire, found that because he lived within 200 meters of a river, which had never been flooded in his twelve years of residency at his home, he was refused property insurance.

Insurance refused and no reason given

"I was given no explanation as to why they refused to insure me this year and was left quite bewildered as to the next steps to take. Researching the Internet using comparison sites I found out of 64 companies, HomeProtect was the only insurer which would cover my property", he comments.

HomeProtect to the rescue

"It is hugely frustrating, particularly as having checked local flood records for the area, I discovered my property is outside of the flood plain. Despite the fact my property has never been flooded, I am being penalised by the postcode I live in which seems very unfair. Had I not found HomeProtect to offer me insurance, I would have been at a loss as to what I could do next", he concludes.

About our home insurance

Homeprotect is a specialist insurance provider which can provide immediate online home insurance for properties in a flood risk area or which have previously suffered from flooding.

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Satisfied customers

Easy to deal with online and lon the phone. One of the few companies to insure timber frame with external rendering. Trustpilot, 6 September 2017
I bought my new house and was misinformed about if the property had been flooded. I found out it had and was extremely worried about the cost [of insurance cover]. After completing the questionnaire I was surprised how reasonable the cost was. Also the level of cover compared to other insurance companies is extremely competitive. It's never something I look forward to doing but was quick and easy and finished in minutes. Review Centre, 30 April 2017
This was one of the best offers I could find for insurers willing to protect my property within 200m of a water course. This is because they are part of the Flood:Re scheme which offers affordable premiums to properties more liable to flooding. Review Centre, 7 August 2017