3.5 million UK residential properties at risk of flooding

The Flood Re insurance scheme allows these homes to be covered
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  • 1.85 million residential properties are currently at risk of flooding from rivers and the sea.
  • 2.4 million are at risk of surface water flooding.
  • Together, over 3.5 million residential properties in England and Wales are at risk from some form of flooding.
  • One in twelve are at a high risk of flooding.

These estimates are from the Environment Agency, as laid out in Flood Re’s first transition plan published in February 2016. They come with a caveat, however, that even these huge numbers are not the be all and end all of flood events in the UK. Figures could be higher!

There is potential for even more homes to be affected, as flooding has become so unpredictable in recent years. As the table below demonstrates, flood related insurance claims are increasing and have been momentous in those years when the UK experienced catastrophic flooding.

floodre transition plan abi


The threat is clear, and it’s growing

Remember the floods of 2007? The ABI reports that two thirds of the homes affected that year were not recorded on any flood risk maps prior to that date. What’s more, flooding in the UK is happening with increasing frequency. So if you haven’t already been affected by flooding, then there is still a very real need to properly implement preventative measures to protect your home. It is forecast that 45,000 more households could be listed in the highest flood risk category by 2060.

Emergency services say that the 2007 floods caused the greatest number of search and rescue missions since the Second World War!

Flood insurance is a necessity

As you may well know, mortgage providers in this country require that homeowners have buildings insurance in place to cover the property for flooding and other risks, like fire or storm damage. For those homes at risk of flooding, or that have already experienced it in the most recent floods of 2015/2016, home insurance can be blessing in a time of crisis.

While you cannot control flood waters, there is a degree to which you can control the level of risk of flooding to your property. Reduce the risk by making the necessary changes to your home now, such as investing in flood protection, and certainly make the investment to get flood insurance. With a Flood Re policy, the cost of cover could be significantly reduced - even if you are among the 3.5 million residential properties already at risk of flooding.

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Satisfied customers

I bought my new house and was misinformed about if the property had been flooded. I found out it had and was extremely worried about the cost [of insurance cover]. After completing the questionnaire I was surprised how reasonable the cost was. Also the level of cover compared to other insurance companies is extremely competitive. It's never something I look forward to doing but was quick and easy and finished in minutes. Review Centre, 30 April 2017
Living in a flood plain and having previously made a claim for subsidence I wasn't hopeful that we would get a competitive quote - how wrong I was. We now have a comprehensive insurance which includes contents cover for less than we previously paid for buildings cover. Great insurance with a lot of help from the staff to get the best cover. Thank you. Review Centre, 21 June 2017
This was one of the best offers I could find for insurers willing to protect my property within 200m of a water course. This is because they are part of the Flood:Re scheme which offers affordable premiums to properties more liable to flooding. Review Centre, 7 August 2017