Home business insurance for filmmaker

“If the insurer understands you, and the needs of your business, you can rest easy knowing that you have the right policy.”

Running a business from home

euan climbing

Finalcrux Films has been operating for over three years under the watchful leadership of the company’s founder and director Euan Ryan. As an adventure film production and photography company, commissions come from all over the world. From rock-climbing across the Alps to skiing in Scotland, there’s no adventure that cannot be captured on film!

With so much time spent outdoors or on the road between shoots, it’s no wonder that any spare hours need to fit around a very active lifestyle: “My daily work hours are completely changeable and so any time spent at my desk has to fit around other activities in my life. I can find myself at my most creative at 11pm, so it makes sense to be at home and not in an office space.”

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Home insurance for business use

Having gained a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Film and Television Production in 2013, Euan set up his business soon after. But having always rented houses while studying, it wasn’t until purchasing a property with his partner that Euan really thought about buildings insurance and protecting the business that he operates from home.

“They say you should insure what you can't afford to replace. My business is my livelihood and without it, I would have a very hard time rebuilding.”

As a young couple and first-time buyers, price was always going to be top of the list of criteria for a home insurance policy with business use. But being used to dealing with people, Euan also places emphasis on how a company treats its customers; “HomeProtect were professional and very knowledgeable when we first contacted them. This assured me I had made the right decision.”

It’s not surprising that this go-getter likes things that happen quickly and with little fuss when he leads such an adventurous day-to-day life. So the speed and ease with which the HomeProtect policy was put in place was very important. When you’re protecting what you love, there’s no time to waste.

What is your advice for other home business owners who might be researching insurance options?

“Make sure the company you go for understands your individual business needs. No home business is the same and therefore every policy will differ. If the insurer understands you, and the needs of your business, you can rest easy knowing that you have the right policy if things ever go wrong.”