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10 tips to remember when you move house
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Moving house checklist 2017

Most of us don't move house all that often, so it’s easy to forget important things that need to be done. Follow these steps and download our moving home checklist to make sure your move goes off without a hitch!

1. Start packing early

If you are packing your own stuff, then start as soon as possible. It’s always good to start with items that are seldom used, like those in the garage or loft, since you’re probably still waiting to exchange and get the green light to go ahead.

2. Notify services about your change of address

Besides packing there are a host of service providers to contact about your change of address. All your utilities, TV licensing, DVLA, local councils, banks, Royal Mail and so on. Websites like can help you make your change of address easier to manage.

3. Tell your utility providers that you’re moving out

When it comes to utilities, contact your suppliers at least 48 hours before your moving date. It’s a good time to also research the most affordable suppliers at your new address, since gas, electricity and water rates are becoming more competitive. Remember to take final meter readings when you leave the property.

4. Figure out parking for the removal van

Parking is an important consideration. Some removal trucks can be as big as a bus, so you need to plan where the truck will park to be accessible for the many, many trips it will take to load and unload the vehicle. Drop a note through your neighbours' doors to tell them your moving date.

5. Defrost the freezer

Think ahead when it comes to your white goods. It doesn’t make sense to keep stocking the freezer when you’re going to unplug it for a long journey to a new address, especially as most experts advise that you don't turn it on for 24 hours after it reaches your new home to avoid air bubbles in the cooling system. Empty, defrost and clean your fridge/freezer.

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6. De-clutter

Clear out the storage areas, including the kitchen cabinets, the cupboard under the stairs and the airing cabinet beside the boiler. It’s surprising what gets chucked in there over the years, and you probably don’t want to take it all with you.

7. Label the boxes

Unless the removal company is managing this for you, dismantle furniture and clearly mark each box with its belongings or the room for which it is intended at the new house.

8. Keep essentials close by

Try to keep a few essentials to one side as you are boxing up your belongings, including toiletries, snacks, mobile phone chargers and the kettle.

9. Give the old place a final once-over

Once the van is loaded, walk around the house and double check that everything you want to take with you has been packed up.

10. Check out the new place

When you arrive at the new property, check it out before the unloading of the truck begins. You won’t have very long with the removal men, so ask for help getting the heavy furniture settled first.

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