Independent research shows HomeProtect provides winning customer experience

How users search for home insurance quotes: a study of user behaviour by What Users Do

Earlier this year What Users Do carried out a study into the way that internet users search for home insurance quotes. As well as investigating the overall user experience, they uncovered which home insurance providers are preferred by customers. We’re pleased to say that HomeProtect is a favourite, coming second overall!

A panel of 50 real UK customers were asked to get two home insurance quotes online and select a preferred provider. Convenience and speed are so important when it comes to online searches, so it’s no wonder that comparison websites were a favoured starting point:

  • 46% went straight to a comparison site, such as
  • 29% searched by brand and went straight to a trusted provider’s website.
  • 25% performed a general search query using a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo.

Perceptions change

The report clearly demonstrates that well-laid out websites are preferred. The quote process was quickly abandoned if customers could not navigate the site easily, lost interest in the content or couldn’t access information due to slow page loading times and broken links.

Brand perceptions significantly influenced choice, as did customer feedback and reviews displayed on search results. This was either reinforced or damaged depending on the experience received during the process of getting a quote. Providers that made filling in the quote form easy received the most positive user feedback.

HomeProtect provides winning customer experience

When it came to choosing a preferred quote, the majority of internet users were swayed by price, value for money or the quality of the product/cover (73%). HomeProtect was ranked second out of 5 winning providers!

Shopping for home insurance does not rank highly on a consumer’s list of nice ways to spend their time. As the report states, a bold but clean website design, simple quote forms and a quick overall process are all essential to providing a good customer experience when searching for home insurance – as well as good value cover, of course. That’s exactly what HomeProtect aims to do.

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