House extensions for bungalows

Sometimes you don’t want to move house, you just want a bit more space
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Sometimes you don’t want to move house, you just want a bit more space. Nowadays renovating or extending your home can be more cost effective than moving too, with such uncertainty in the housing market. Even so, you should speak with an estate agent in your local area to find out the market value limit in your street, so you aren’t left disappointed with a poor return on investment if you do come to sell the property.

Check out this list for low cost home renovation ideas:

  1. Adding another storey is one of the most popular additions to a bungalow. You could also consider adding a new level to an existing garage, or a cantilevered level such as a balcony or mezzanine.
  1. Internal walls can be removed to give you larger rooms, or added to create new ones. Updating the layout of your home can ensure you get more usage from the floor space you’ve already got and is a popular kitchen renovation idea to increase the space for work surfaces.  
  1. Sometimes you are restricted by the space needed for doorways. If you’re struggling to find a way to close off an area without creating a dark, gloomy space, consider pocket doors. These sliding doors can be installed so that they disappear into the wall, leaving a clear opening when you want it.
  1. For a quick addition to your property, consider a conservatory or sunroom. These often don’t require planning permission or building regulations, making them a popular choice of renovation ideas.
  1. Bring the indoors outdoors with a veranda, loggia or other covered outdoor area. If joined to the house by French doors, then it can feel like the room is extended into the garden for relatively little expense.
  1. Add more light. Skylights are a popular choice for letting more natural light in without also inviting the neighbours’ stares. You can use a variety of obscured glazing, such as stained glass, sand-blasted glass or glass blocks. If you can’t add natural light, then invest in new featured lighting options such as uplights, downlights, spotlights, etc. to give your home added atmosphere. You may need to remodel a few rooms for circuitry but this could be a more low-cost solution compared to adding windows.
  1. Are conservation officers making your renovation dream a nightmare? Consider structural glazing, which reduces the impact that a new structure has on an older building’s character and can be an appealing amalgamation of old and new building materials.
  1. If you have a lot of garden space, then a cabin or annexe might be a better solution to your need for more space. A garden building can be used as another room for the kids or as entirely self-sufficient accommodation, which is attractive to many if you are considering it as an airbnb option.

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