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Understanding the different benefits of shared accommodation
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Is shared occupancy the right move for you?

There are a number of reasons why you might opt to live in a flat share over renting an entire property by yourself. It isn't just about maximising your rental budget or allowing you to live in a nicer location than you could otherwise afford, but it can also be a way to enhance your social life and reduce your commute time while working. Whatever your reasons for flat sharing, it is vital that you take out the proper flat share insurance to protect your property.


One of the most obvious reasons for living in a flat or house share relates to finance. It isn't just about reducing your outlay on rent, but on the other less obvious costs as well. Bills can be split to make necessary things like gas, electricity and water more manageable. Combining your buyer power can also help you to afford the extra things that make life a little better, like satellite or cable TV and better meals if you split the groceries. The more people you share with though, the higher your consumption of amenities. However many people you share with, it is important you have flat or house share insurance.

Accommodation and location

The reduction in rent that comes with living in a flat or house share can also help you to find more spacious accommodation, or a place in a better location, than you would when renting alone. Location is often the deciding factor when people are thinking about sharing, as being closer to your work or a particular social scene is usually an important consideration. Generally speaking: the closer you get to the centre of an urban area, the smaller and more expensive the property becomes. Sharing with someone can help you realise your goals, but you still need to have shared property contents insurance.

Climbing the property ladder

More and more people are opting to use flat or house sharing as a means to get onto the property ladder (or to stay on the property ladder). Those who want to buy, but are unable to afford all of the expenses alone might decide to take on a property with more rooms than they need and let out the extra space. Using the government Rent-a-Room scheme you can earn an income from letting out a room in your house tax-free (up to a certain amount), but you need to be sure that your mortgage provider will allow it. You will also need to have house share insurance in place.

Social aspects

Social aspects of flat and house shares are an important part of the lifestyle, so it is vital you are prepared for this. Not all people enter flat shares to make friends, but remaining friendly is a good idea if you want to maintain a pleasant atmosphere in your home. No matter how interested you are in socialising, you still need to have shared property contents insurance when living with friends or strangers. It can be difficult to get flat share insurance when you share with anyone other than your immediate family, but this is not the case with HomeProtect. With HomeProtect you can get an online quote for house share insurance no matter who you share with.

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