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Home Insurance With Convictions

We know that searching for home insurance conviction quotes can be a challenge, particularly when you are faced with delicate situations such as declaring criminal convictions. When it comes to protecting your property and its contents, we’ve got you covered. We provide online home insurance quotes for ex-offenders with unspent criminal convictions in next to no time.

For more details on home insurance conviction cover and making a declaration, download this guide in consultation with the ABI (Association of British Insurers):

Not sure that your conviction has been spent? Check now using the Disclosure Calculator

Declare your conviction

If you or anyone living at the property has a criminal conviction, you must declare it. You may be at risk of your insurance provider cancelling or refusing to renew your policy because of the non-disclosure. In some cases you might also find that your policy could include a more expensive excess, which means you would be liable to pay more in the event of a claim.

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Declare tenants with convictions

If you are a landlord then you must also declare tenants with convictions. This may be easier said than done, as tenants are not always comfortable with sharing this information. Unfortunately, if your tenants haven’t been honest about criminal convictions they have and this information is discovered during a claim, this could mean that you will find it very difficult to get let property insurance in the future.

You’re not alone

At HomeProtect, we are discreet and do our best to provide quality insurance for all – including you! Read our case studies to find out how other customers were struggling to get home insurance with convictions before they found HomeProtect.


Following the release from prison of our son, I was denied cover.. Called HomeProtect.. Got cover including my son and a saving of £800!

Don’t chance it! Make your declaration with confidence

  • We work closely with Unlock to ensure that insurance for ex-offenders is available
  • Our online quotation service is designed to cover a whole range of complex and/or unusual home insurance situations 
  • We sponsor the Disclosure Calculator, managed by Unlock, the charity for people with convictions
  • All information you disclose is stored securely and not shared with any other organisations

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My policy was so easy to setup online and they were very competitively priced, it is the right balance of ease of use and value for money. 01 January 2015
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Really easy to get the cover I needed, friendly staff with no hassle. Would definitely recommend. 7 August 2015

5 most frequently asked questions

What if I don’t disclose my conviction anyway?
True, you could withhold this information. However, the details of unspent criminal convictions allow insurance providers to accurately assess the level of risk involved in the policy and to provide an accurate quote to cover you and your home if the worst happens.

It also means that, if you make a claim, and the truth is revealed this may mean that your claim unfortunately won’t be paid.
What information do I have to declare about my conviction?
There are a few things that we need to know in order to move your quote along:
  • The name of the criminal offence
  • The year of conviction
  • The year of offence (most recent offence related to the conviction)
  • Sentence type
  • If a prison sentence: how many months?
  • If a fine: how much?
  • If community service: how many hours?
  • If conditional/unconditional discharge: how many months?
What happens to my information?
Your data is not shared with any other company, individual or organisation. The necessary details about criminal convictions which HomeProtect keep on file as part of your policy agreement are secure and kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988.
Why does HomeProtect offer cover when other insurance providers refuse?
We know that your buildings and their contents are invaluable to you. So we aim to provide safety and security to everyone, including those with criminal convictions. When you complete a form online or contact our sales team by phone, we will do our best to deliver a quote.
Can I speak to someone about criminal convictions?
Yes, although we are able to provide an online quote in the majority of cases you may be more comfortable speaking with one of our trained agents. They can discuss conviction types and the impact these might have on your policy, just contact us.

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