The sudden or unexpected occurrence of an insured incident during the policy term, which necessitates immediate corrective action to:  

  • Prevent damage or further damage to your home;  
  • Make your home secure; or  
  • Relieve unreasonable discomfort, risk or difficulty to you and your family.  

The following circumstances are covered under our Basic Home Emergency (subject to terms and conditions), which is included as standard: 

  • Plumbing and drainage (i.e. damage to or blockage, breakage or leaking of the drains or plumbing system (that you are responsible for) 
  • Power supply (failure of the domestic electricity or gas supply) 
  • Toilet unit (damage to or mechanical failure of a toilet bowl or cistern that results in complete loss of function of the only toilet – or all toilets – in the property) 
  • Home security (damage to, or failure of, external doors, windows or locks which leaves the property insecure) 
  • Vermin (the sudden infestation of vermin in the insured property which prevents the use of the lofts or one or more rooms) 

Our full home emergency option also covers (again subject to terms and conditions), the following circumstances: 

  • Main heating system (i.e. failure to function of the boiler) 
  • Roof damage (where internal damage – e.g. an ingress of water – has been caused or is likely) 
  • Hotel accommodation (£300 to cover the cost of a room if the property is uninhabitable following an emergency) 

More details can be found in our Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)