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Contents insurance

Protecting your household belongings from theft and damage

What is home contents insurance?

Contents insurance protects you against damage to your belongings. HomeProtect contents insurance covers your household goods and all other personal items within the property against losses from fire, storm, flood, escape of water, burglary and subsidence.

The best way to calculate the value of your belongings for insurance purposes is to take a methodical approach. Go from room to room and compile a list. Take your time and be thorough, listing each item, make and model and the price at purchase if you can. Don’t forget that although your garage and shed are protected by buildings insurance for outbuildings, you still need to take any belongings stored in there into account when calculating your sum insured.

Contents insurance

High risk contents insurance

Make sure you know which items you need to specify on you policy because they are classified as 'high risk'.

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Cover away from the home

We offer Personal Possessions cover which will protect your belongings if something happens to your valuables outside the home. This can be applied to items like clothing, jewellery, watches, cameras, baggage and sports equipment. This is useful for belongings that you normally carry about with you or that you might take away on holiday.

Specified items

You can insure your pedal cycles, laptops, tablets, gadgets and mobile phones under your Contents insurance – although do make sure that you specify these items individually when you set up a policy. This is essential to be certain that your gadgets and other high value items are covered.

What is covered by contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers the belongings in your home against damage, including furniture, homeware and personal items like jewellery. Terms vary per policy; make sure that you have specified your belongings where relevant to be fully covered.

Cover for up to £6,000 (£500 per item) per claim is provided items belonging to a family member living away from your home in student accommodation. 

What is included in personal possessions?

When you take out a contents insurance policy your belongings will often be protected within the boundary of the property. To insure items outside the home or of particular value then you should take personal possessions cover, which applies to items that are often take out daily like clothing, wallets/purses, jewellery and cameras. Personal possessions covers each individual item worth up to a maximum of £1,500. If you need to insure items of higher individual value or you need to insure pedal cycles, laptops, tablets or mobile phones then you can do this under our 'specified items' cover. 

Additional cover options 

Accidental Damage 

The Homeprotect policy includes the option of Basic Accidental Damage, which covers some electrical items in your home, including your TV, satellite decoders, DVD, DAB, radio, gaming console and home PC (not portable computers) as well as mirrors, windows, sanitary fittings and ceramic hobs. Upgrades to Full Accidental Damage cover are available subject to policy terms and conditions.

Legal Expenses cover

The insurance policy includes Basic Legal Expenses cover which provides up to £50,000 for legal fees you may face for disputes associated with your home; such as ownership of the insured property; and the sale or purchase of the insured property. You can upgrade to Full Legal Expenses cover.

Home Emergency cover

The insurance policy includes Basic Home Emergency cover which provides cover for common home emergencies including burst pipes; failure of the domestic power supply (gas or electricity); removal of pests or vermin; and roof damage. You can upgrade to Full Home Emergency cover.

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Your questions answered

How do I calculate the value of contents to be insured?

Visit every room in your home (including the attic, shed and cupboards under the stairs!) and list all your belongings including rugs, curtains, kitchen equipment, luggage etc. Research how much it would cost to replace each item as new and then add up the full amount you’d need to replace everything. We normally cover the amount you specify, however if you enter a very low amount your policy may include more than this, if this is the case you will be made aware of this before purchasing.

It’s a very common mistake to undervalue your belongings when arranging home contents insurance. It’s estimated that a huge 25% of UK families underestimate the value of their possessions, in many cases the value is underestimated by up to 30%.

Contents Insurance: Did you know?

  • An average family living in a three bedroom property typically has approximately £50,000 worth of contents.
  • An average working person's wardrobe is worth £10,000 alone!
  • An average stamp collection is worth £6,000.
  • An average coin collection is worth £5,700.

Most people carefully calculate the value of electronic goods, artwork, collections etc. But the common items that are forgotten and missed out of the 'sum insured' include curtains, storage units, children's toys, gardening equipment, clothes, shoes and expensive kitchen equipment.

What does Homeprotect contents insurance cover?

Contents insurance covers the contents of your home and your personal possessions – all the things you would normally take with you when you move house. Your furniture, rugs, computer, entertainment equipment, CDs, DVDs, videos, valuables, clothing, personal belongings – even the food in your freezer! You may be asked to specify certain higher valued items on the policy and you may be asked to make additional security provisions such as locks or a burglar alarm if you live in an area with a high theft rate.

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