What is accidental damage insurance?

Accidental damage insurance is a policy add-on that covers homeowners against breakages or damage to buildings and home contents from unforeseen and non-deliberate events, caused by you. 

It is designed to protect homeowners against the costs of repairing or replacing items or home structures that are damaged by mishaps such as spills, cracks and breakages.  

Accidental damage covers sudden, unexpected and unforeseen events. For example, a window smashed by a rogue football – but not one damaged by long-term wear and tear from neglect. 

What does accidental damage insurance cover?

Accidental damage insurance covers unexpected mishaps to your home and its contents caused by the homeowner, visitors, third parties (excluding contractors) or wild animals (subject to restrictions).  

This includes examples such as: 

  • Smashed or cracked windows hit by a loose object 
  • Stains on furniture or carpets from spills or dropped liquids 
  • Damage to dropped items such as phones or tablets 
  • Damage to sanitary ware, such as toilets or sinks, from dropped or loose items 

Accidental damage cover is an optional extra that can be added to home insurance policies as protection for buildings and contents against sudden and unforeseen damage. 


Compare cover levels using the table below.

Check our Policy Booklets for full details on each product.

FeaturePolicy typeBasicFull
Cost per monthBothVariesVaries
Access to a free 24/7 helplineUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Sanitary wareBuildings
Fixed glass and double glazingBuildings
Underground pipes and servicesBuildings
Televisions, radios, DVD playersContents
Spillages on carpetsBoth
Damage to furniture itemsContents
DIY disastersBoth
Please note, accidental damage cover is not generally available for let or sub-let properties, and is not available for contents on a landlord policy.
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What isn’t covered by accidental damage insurance?

Accidental damage does not cover long-term or preventable wear and tear to your home or its contents, or damage caused by pets. Examples of damage that could not be claimed include:

  • Damage or breaking from general wear and tear 
  • Damage caused by pets, vermin or insects
  • Damage cause by overflowing water
  • Mechanical or electrical faults

do i need accidental damage insurance?

For some, home building insurance and contents insurance provide enough protection against the risk of damage from fire, flooding, burglary and more.  

However, accidental damage cover can provide extra peace of mind over the everyday mishaps that happen around the home – especially in larger and busier family homes. 

how much does accidental damage insurance cost?

Accidental damage insurance premiums are calculated considering the perceived risk to the provider – based on the value of the home and its contents and the level of cover required.  

This means there is no standard policy cost and premiums will reflect the value of cover provided.  

However, as an add-on to comprehensive home insurance, accidental damage can prove valuable, plugging some of the gaps not covered by traditional policies.   

Your Questions Answered

If your home insurance policy includes accidental damage cover, claiming against an unforeseen event or mishap works in the same way as any other policy claim. Contact Homeprotect immediately with your policy number and details about the incident and damage to start the claim-settling process. 

For more information, view our How to Make a Claim page. 

Yes, you will be covered as long as you have specified the item on your policy and requested ‘away-from-home’ cover, or you have upgraded your policy to include ‘personal possessions’ cover away from the property. 

You will be covered if the item accidentally damaged belongs to you and you have specified it on your policy and requested ‘away from home’ cover or upgraded your policy to include ‘personal possessions’ cover away from the property. If the item does not belong to you or you do not have away from home cover, it will not be covered by your Homeprotect home insurance policy. 

No, accidental damage cover is not included as part of your home insurance policy as standard. Accidental damage cover is optional, and we are happy to quote for cover with our home insurance policies. We have two levels of cover to choose from – Basic and Full.  

Full details of this are available in our Homeprotect policy booklets

Basic Accidental Damage cover is optional with your contents insurance and covers consumer electronics used for entertainment purposes that are not designed to be portable, such as desktop computers and monitors, DVD and Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, home cinema systems, sound systems and TVs up to £1,500 per claim. 

Basic Accidental Damage cover is optional with your building insurance and covers fixed glass in windows, doors, fanlights and skylights, ceramic or induction hobs, solar panels, fixed sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures and underground pipes and services, up to £1,500 per claim. 

Full Accidental Damage cover for contents provides a comprehensive level of cover and is designed to protect your household possessions from accidental damage within the home caused by you, your guests, third parties (excluding contractors) or wild animals (excluding vermin). 

Electronic gadgets (e.g., smart watches, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, gaming devices) worth less than £1,500 each are covered inside the home under Full Contents Accidental Damage. If you want them covered for accidental or any other type of physical damage away from the home, you will need to specify them in your policy. 

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