Timber frame home insurance

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Timber frame house insurance

Insuring a timber frame house is easier than you might think!

Non-standard building materials are a challenge for standard insurers. When it comes to timber frames, it can be difficult to get cover as this type of property is seen as being more susceptible to fire and flooding. That said, timber homes are growing in popularity. Timber is widely accessible, not to mention affordable, and can be assembled on site much quicker than other construction methods.

Tudor and Elizabethan properties

Caring for Tudor and Elizabethan architecture

After several hundred years, the timbers in Tudor and Elizabethan houses need to be regularly maintained by experts if they're to continue to support the property. 

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Know your building, inside and out

Every property is unique and we want to make sure that you get the cover that you need at the best possible premium. A timber frame home can be quite a complicated property to insure, for instance it may be a self-build eco home, or it may be a listed building constructed of wattle and daub. Although both are timber, they fall into supplementary unusual categories, so it’s important to declare as much as possible about your house in order to find the right quote.

With HomeProtect you can obtain an online quote for home insurance, no matter how unusual your property is. Similarly, if you are thinking of buying a home constructed with non-standard building materials like timber frames then we can help. 

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Your questions answered

Does a timber frame home cost more to insure than a traditional bricks and tiles property?

Not always. Your premium will partly depend on the rebuild costs of the particular design of your home

What should I do about rotting wood in a timber frame house?

Rotting wood is a risk that every homeowner of a timber frame home will need to get to grips with as time goes on. You can cut away the affected wood and replace it, or alternatively applying a wood preserve or lead paint can make all the difference.

How do I find the rebuild cost of my property?

If you purchased the property in the last 5 years your homebuyers survey may include the rebuild cost. However if you purchased the property more than 5 years ago you will need to get an up to date assessment.

If your home is of standard construction (normally brick walls and tile roof), not a listed building and not built before 1720 you can use the free online BCIS Rebuild calculator.

If your home is built with non standard construction materials, or it’s a Listed Building or it was built before 1720, you will need to consult a Chartered surveyor to provide you with an accurate rebuild cost.

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