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Financial problems insurance

Buying home insurance when you have a poor financial history

If you have a poor credit history, have been or are currently declared bankrupt, or have a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) to deal with your debts, you may have difficulty in buying home insurance.

Unlike many insurance companies, we can usually provide you with an online home insurance quote in these situations, quickly and easily. You don’t even need to talk to us unless you really want to!

How to deal with bailiffs or debt collectors

Your rights when dealing with bailiffs or debt collectors

Learn about how they differ, who can enter your home to seize your possessions, and what your can do if you feel threatened or harassed excessively.

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Save money and avoid a credit check by paying annually

When you buy your policy, we offer two payment options allowing you to choose whether you pay a single amount up front or monthly instalments. The monthly payment option has a transaction fee and it requires you to have a credit score check undertaken by the credit provider. So, if you’ve already had financial issues to contend with, the easiest and least stressful payment method is to pay your annual premium in one go with a payment card.

Disclosure is important

It might be tempting not to tell your insurer about bankruptcy, a CCJ or an IVA in the past, but be aware that if you omit to disclose any of these and you need to make a claim at some point, the insurer will find out about your financial history because it’s available in public records and will most likely refuse the claim and cancel your policy immediately. Being honest about your situation is the only way to be sure you have the protection you need.

Home insurance after bankruptcy

Home insurance for those previously declared bankrupt

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How bankruptcy affects your pension

How bankruptcy affects your pension

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Home insurance with a CCJ history

Home insurance with a CCJ

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Home insurance with IVA history

Home insurance with an IVA

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low credit score home insurance

Home insurance for people with a poor credit history

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Financial problems insurance

Financial problems insurance FAQs

We’ve prepared some helpful answers to your questions about getting home insurance when you have a poor financial background. 

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I declared bankruptcy 20 years ago, but still have to declare it, home protect are one of the few that will cover you at standard rates 

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