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Flood risk home insurance

Working in partnership with Flood Re to offer affordable flood insurance across the UK

Thousands of UK properties are at risk of flooding. To continue to offer UK residents affordable flood risk home insurance, HomeProtect is working in partnership with Flood Re. This government-backed scheme allows us to cover many more houses, particularly those at the highest risk of flooding. We understand home flood insurance and Flood Re reinsurance completely; we literally wrote the book on it.

Getting an online quote is easy too. We do all the hard work for you, including working out your Flood Re eligibility. So you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got the most affordable flood insurance to protect your property. All in a matter of minutes! 

What is flood insurance?

Flood insurance is a type of building insurance that covers a home and its contents against costs incurred as a result of water damage caused by flooding, in the case of bad weather, high tide or burst river banks. If you live in a high-risk area, you may be required to flood-proof your home in order to be insured or to avoid a higher premium or excess cost. If your property has a history of flooding, you must inform your insurance provider of this.

What does flood insurance cover?

Flood insurance covers the cost of removing debris, as well as the repair or replacement of damaged furniture, belongings, fittings and fixtures. It can also cover the cost of alternative accommodation if you cannot live in your home due to the flood damage. 

Examples of things in the home that can be covered are the foundation of your property, electrical and plumbing systems, kitchen appliances, carpeting, furniture, clothing, electronics and more. 

How to Get Flood Insurance With Flood Re

How to get flood insurance with Flood Re

HomeProtect was one of the first UK home insurance providers to offer flood insurance as part of Flood Re.

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Not eligible for Flood Re cover? Don't worry

Being able to purchase a policy with Flood Re cover is dependant on meeting certain defined criteria. If your home or situation falls outside of these criteria, you won't be able to take advantage of Flood Re. However, HomeProtect can still cover your home and belongings with our Defaqto 5 Star buildings policy, sometimes even with flood cover included. Start by getting a quote online to see if we can cover you.

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What isn’t covered by flood insurance?

There may be exclusions stated in your policy. Examples of things that may not be covered are basements and their contents, as well as items such as money, precious metal and important paperwork kept in the house.

How long does a flood insurance claim take?

The length of a flood insurance claim is dependent on the size of the claim. An average claim of £55,000, for example, could take approximately 8 months from start to finish, while a smaller claim could be over much quicker than this.

What should I do if I’ve suffered flooding?

If your home is flooded, you must report the water damage to your insurance provider at the earliest time possible to let them know you want to make a claim. Check your policy to see what you are eligible for before getting in contact. Things to ask your insurer are how long it will be before a loss adjuster is able to survey the damage, whether you will be covered for a professional to help with the clean up or redecorating of your home and who will be looking after your claim.

Be sure to keep a record of the flood damage, for example, photographs of the damage, a pen mark on the wall where the water level was at its highest and a list of the damaged items in your home and details.

Should I pay for a flood risk assessment?

It is worth knowing if you live in a flood risk area, in order to make an informed decision about how much cover you need. You can find this information free and instantly online, by entering your property’s postcode into the Government’s flood risk assessment page.

A full flood risk assessment is only worth paying for if you are thinking of developing your property. If you are entering a planning application for your property and live in a flood risk zone, you need to complete a flood risk assessment as part of your application. These kinds of assessments explore the probability of a flood at a specific location, the possible causes of floods in the area and advice on managing flood risk.

What is Flood Re?

Flood Re is a flood risk insurance scheme, designed to make flood cover more affordable for UK homeowners which has been in place since 4 April 2016.

The Flood Re scheme enables insurers to take on more customers at risk of flooding because the consequences of large claims are shared between insurers. This happens behind the scenes, so customers can compare and purchase home insurance as they would normally.

Visit the Flood Re website for further details.

What was Flood Re set up?

Flooding is a serious issue for UK homeowners. Flood Re has been set up to make flood insurance more affordable for those who are at risk of flooding.

Flood Re is regulated by the PRA and FCA.

How do you work out the flood risk to my property?

We use industry tools and sources of data to arrive at a premium, alongside claims and underwriting experience. External data sources include (but are not limited to) the Environment Agency, British Geological Survey Data and Ordnance Survey historical flood mapping to understand if you are situated in a flood risk area. We also use flood modelling data as this data provides flood risk data at an individual property level rather, than postcode level.

Where can I get more information on flood risk?

There are several online resources which you can visit to get more information on flood risk in your area, namely:

  • Flood Free Homes wants all UK houses to be free of risk by 2025.
  • National Flood Forum provides support and advice to communities or individuals that have been flooded.
  • Know Your Flood Risk works to raise awareness of the risk of flooding from all sources, not just a visible water course such as rivers and seas.

How long does it take to reinstate property after a flood?

This depends on a large number of factors including how widespread the flood was, how severe the damage caused was, and how many properties were affected is the first variable. After a major flood event, insurance companies often take on additional loss adjusters, but even so the time it can take for you to be visited by one can be longer than you'd like.

Cleaning and drying operations can take many weeks or months depending on the availability of services and how greatly your property has been affected, as well as what your home is made of.

Finally, reinstatement works themselves are also time-consuming. The process of choosing replacement furniture, decoration and fitted units (which you may have originally selected over the course of years) takes time, especially if you are working and have little time to shop around, and then you need to wait for delivery and fitting.

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