What is Flood RE? The UK Guide to Flood Re Reveals All

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Updated: 6 Mar 2024

what is flood re?

Flood Re is a reinsurance scheme which will allow insurance companies to offer more affordable flood cover to those living in high risk areas.

While home insurance has been available to residents living in areas at high risk of flooding, it has not always been affordable. The risk of flooding is reflected in the price, so in some cases home insurance premiums or excesses have increased. As you would expect, homeowners are not happy about these changes.

In the worst case scenario, residents might have to choose between paying a large sum and not having cover at all. As a result, the Government and Association of British Insurers (ABI) have worked together to create Flood Re.

To help you understand the Flood Re scheme, its benefits and how you can find more affordable home insurance, we’ve created The UK Guide to Flood Re. 

why was flood re set up?

In recent years the UK has experienced severe winter storms, resulting in extensive coastal damage and widespread flooding.

The insurance industry has paid out billions of pounds as thousands of homes have been destroyed by these flood waters. As a result, many residents have since struggled to find affordable home insurance due to being in a high flood risk area.

A new insurance initiative, backed by the Government, was launched in April 2016 that’s designed to help property owners at risk of flooding find affordable home insurance. It’s called Flood Re.


  • It is open to properties within council tax bands A-H.
  • It came into effect in April 2016.
  • It is planned to be in place for 25 years.
  • Not all insurance providers are taking part in the scheme.
  • It is one of the most significant innovations to be introduced to the home insurance market.
  • It is designed to enable affordable flood cover for those at the highest risk of flooding.
  • Not all properties are eligible for cover.
  • Homeprotect will work out eligibility when you get a quote, and offer you the best possible level of cover.


CedePronunciation:/siːd/ (verb)

Definition of cede: Give up (power or territory)
Synonyms: surrender, concede, relinquish, yield, part with

ReinsurePronunciation:/siːd/ (verb)

Definition of reinsure: To transfer (all or part of a risk) to another insurer to provide protection against the risk of the first insurance


Insurance is a strongly regulated industry. Insurers are required to maintain enough capital as collateral against losses.

Reinsurance allows the insurer to transfer the risk to an external organisation. For example, Homeprotect can reduce its exposure to risk and provide cover to more properties by passing the flood risk on to Flood Re.


See our Flood Re eligibility guide for full details.


Essentially, nothing has changed. You don’t need to do anything differently when shopping around for insurance. You will be required to provide personal details about your current home and circumstances, as always.

Use of the Flood Re scheme happens in the background and you will never need to deal with Flood Re directly.

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Who pays the claims?

Your claim will be handled by your individual insurer as usual – the process is the same. So although you may be reinsured through Flood Re, you should still contact your insurer directly to start the claims process.

Behind the scenes, Flood Re will interact with each insurer who has chosen to pass flood risk into the scheme. Then, the insurers will be reimbursed for any valid claims.

On verification of a successful claim, your insurer will arrange an agreed amount for the property to be restored. Now you can start rebuilding your life with the support you need.

flood insurance with Flood Re

Homeprotect was one of the first UK home insurance providers to offer flood insurance as part of Flood Re.