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Protect your belongings against loss or damage with a 5 Star contents insurance policy

What is tenant insurance?

If you’re renting, tenant insurance is a type of cover that will protect your belongings. Most of us would struggle to replace our possessions if they were stolen or damaged, which is why contents insurance for tenants is so essential.

Your belongings are classed as all the items you would take with you when you move home. You will need to work out how much your belongings would cost to replace as new, as a HomeProtect policy will pay out on a new for old basis, which means that if you make a claim you will receive the full value of the item at today’s prices.

Remember, your landlord has a responsibility to have buildings insurance to protect against damage to the structure of the property and its fixtures, such as kitchen units, flooring and bathroom units, but your belongings are your responsibility.

Tenants insurance

Tenancy agreements (for tenants)

If at any point during a tenancy either party wishes to change the agreement, it must be agreed to by the other side.

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What does tenant contents insurance cover?

Finding your ideal tenant

Finding your ideal tenant

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Tenants' responsibilities

A guide to tenants' responsibilities

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What our customers say

Your questions answered

Renters insurance

Tenant insurance FAQs

We’ve prepared some helpful answers to your questions about tenant contents insurance, and about how our policy works.

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At a very distressing time you dealt with my claim very quickly and the payment was in my account in days. I would definitely recommend HomeProtect to everyone. 

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