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Protecting your gadgets by including them on your contents insurance policy
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Electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, cameras, smart watches, gaming devices, ebook readers and tablets are hugely popular but also hugely vulnerable. They are often targeted by thieves and can be easily broken or damaged by accident. With so many risks, insuring your valuables is a no-brainer.

Contents insurance for electronic gadgets

Warranties often come with new devices but the situations that they cover are limited. With gadget insurance from Homeprotect any electronic gadget worth less than £350 and any mobile phone worth £1,000 or less is already covered under a Contents policy for insured events such as theft, flood and fire - so you need only declare devices that exceed this value, of if you want accidental damage cover for them.

Multiple gadgets can be added to your contents insurance policy. Simply declare the individual items when taking out a quote online, or if you make a new purchase partway through your insurance year, one of our friendly customer service team will be glad to help you add it to your existing policy. Adding your new purchases will ensure that you are adequately covered throughout the policy in the event of needing to make a claim.

Don't forget to let us know about any bikes worth more than £350 and any high risk items worth more than £1,500 you have too.

Frequently asked questions

I already insure my phone with the home insurance policy, can I add my wife's phone too?

Yes absolutely. If the phones are each worth £1,000 or less then they are already covered under your Contents insurance. For any phones worth £1,000 or over – or if you want accidental damage cover for your phone - simply add each mobile phone individually when you get a quote. You will need to enter each phone make, model and cost to replace new at today's prices. If you already have a Homeprotect policy, please phone our Customer Services team and ask for a quote to add the additional phones to the policy.

Do I need mobile phone insurance?

You need to specify your mobile phone if it is worth more than a particular limit or you want it to be covered outside your home. Check the current limit in our policy booklet.

Does household insurance cover mobile phones?

Yes! You need to specify your mobile phone on your policy if it is worth more than a particular limit or you want it to be covered outside your home. Check the current limit in our policy booklet.

Can I claim on house insurance for mobile phones?

You can claim for the theft of mobile phones (worth upto £1,000 each) inside the home so long as you have Contents insurance.

For accidental damage or cover away from the home you need to specify your mobile phones on your policy.

Are iPad screens covered?

Damage to iPad and other electronic gadget screens is covered so long as you specify each gadget on your policy. You will need to enter the make, model and cost to replace each gadget for new at today's prices.

What if I bought the gadget second hand?

If you specified the item at its new purchase price rather than the discounted price you paid for it second hand, your cover will be on a new for old basis. If you specified the item at its second hand value, or didn’t specify it because it was under the limit for specifying electronic gadgets, your cover would be at the second hand purchase value.

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Satisfied customers

Being in a situation where we needed to insure contents of a house owned by our late son, he passed away 8 December 2021, until it could be sold we encountered a very understanding and helpful representative of Home Protect who talked us through all the queries we had. She even took time to check the legality of our status as it was different to her earlier experiences. Would definitely recommend your company to friends., April 2022
Very easy to renew and at a very good price. Building and contents covered with a few clicks on the keyboard, taking the stress away., May 2022
This is the first time I have only required contents only, Homeprotect policy allowed me to narrow down the specific cover I required and also included emergency cover and legal cover for extra peace of mind. Trustpilot, 2 Jun 2022