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Protect your gadgets by including them on your contents insurance policy and get have peace of mind they're protected
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Electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, cameras, ebook readers and tablets are hugely popular but also hugely vulnerable. They are often targeted by thieves and can be easily broken or damaged by accident. With so many risks, insuring your valuables is a no-brainer.

Contents insurance for electronic gadgets

Warranties often come with new devices but the situations that they cover are limited. With gadget insurance from HomeProtect you can protect your belongings with up to £100 per claim for damage to screens. Any electronic gadget worth less than £350 is already covered under a Contents policy, so you need only declare devices that exceed this value. Specified items over £350 will be covered for physical damage or theft anywhere in the world.

Multiple gadgets can be added to your contents insurance policy. Simply declare the individual items when taking out a quote online, or if you make a new purchase mid-term, one of our friendly customer service team will be glad to help you add it to your existing policy. Adding your new purchases will ensure that you are adequately covered throughout the policy in the event of a claim.

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