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Legal expensesWhat is legal expenses insurance?

Legal expenses insurance provides cover for the costs associated with legal protection. It provides access to legal advice and representation in the event of a specified legal dispute. These disputes don’t necessarily need to be about your property or its contents. Different levels of cover are available to cover circumstances such as consumer contractual disputes, employer disputes, property disputes and personal injury. 

What is covered by legal expenses insurance?

  • Basic legal expenses included.
  • Cover for property disputes.
  • Cover for breach of contract over goods/services.
  • 24/7 legal helpline available.

HomeProtect home insurance policies include basic level legal expenses cover as standard.

The basic legal expenses option covers up to £25,000 of legal expenses to pay for legal action around disputes or ownership issues to do with your property, along with breaches of contract in the purchase of goods and services.

We also offer an upgraded legal expenses product, with increased cover levels and specifically tailored additional cover depending on your circumstances.

Why add legal expenses insurance to my policy?

While it isn’t essential, legal expenses cover could save you a significant sum of money if you ever find yourself facing a legal dispute or in a position where you wish to pursue a claim. It can offer peace of mind that you will be covered for the cost of legal advice (subject to policy limit) and representation in numerous circumstances, including employment disputes, property disputes and consumer disputes. 

Legal expenses cover is often included as part of a number of different types of insurance policies, including car and home insurance, so it’s worth checking whether you may be covered by an existing policy already before adding additional full cover. 

The benefits of legal cover insurance

Benefits include no upfront solicitors’ fees, as your insurer will pay the fees directly, and access to a free 24/7 legal advice helpline. 

To put things into perspective, look at potential scenarios you could find yourself in. If, for example, you are unfairly dismissed at work and it goes to tribunal, or a dispute arises over the sale of your home, resulting in a court case, it can be costly to fund. Legal bills can mount up quickly, reaching the thousands. By having the appropriate insurance in place, you will be covered for these costs.   

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade my legal expenses cover for my holiday home?

Yes! Your policy will then be extended to include cover specific circumstances related to consumer pursuit, consumer defence, property infringement, property damage personal identity theft, tax advice costs relating to an HMRC Full Enquiry, and eviction of overstaying guests on short-term lets. Check our policy booklet for details.

My property is unoccupied. What extra legal expenses cover is available?

Full legal expenses cover for empty properties includes cover against property infringement, property damage, and personal identity theft. Check our policy booklet for details.

I rent out my property. What extra legal expenses cover is available?

Legal expenses cover provides you with access to legal counsel from our panel of lawyers to assist with certain types of legal cases. These cases can include: property disputes, breach of contract over goods or services provided, and employment disputes, amongst others.

Landlord legal expenses cover is available at a standard and premier level. The standard level covers legal disputes and rent recovery, while the premier level can cover rent guarantee, attendance expenses, eviction and health & safety prosecutions 

What does the included “Basic Legal Expenses” cover?

Basic Legal Expenses cover provides up to £25,000 for legal fees limited to disputes you may face associated with your home such as:

  • Disputes relating to ownership of the insured property.
  • Disputes relating to the sale or purchase of the insured property.

Please refer to the policy booklets for full information. These are available to download and view online.

What does the optional “Full Legal Expenses” cover?

The Full Legal Expenses cover offers you up to £100,000 and provides full peace of mind against a variety of circumstances including:

  • Disputes relating to ownership of the insured property.
  • Disputes relating to the sale or purchase of the insured property.
  • Disputes relating to the purchase or hire of goods or services.
  • Cases involving personal injury.
  • Employer disputes including unfair dismissal.

Please refer to the policy booklets for full information. These are available to download and view online:

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Case study: Dispute arising during property purchase

Mrs H and her husband had purchased a new home. Upon completion, they started to renovate the property whilst it was unoccupied and planned to move in a few weeks later. They met one of their new neighbours during this period, who advised her that he had a number of ongoing disputes with the previous owner. The neighbour was also aggressive towards Mrs H, dictating where she could park and walk on their shared drive. Mrs H hadn't been told about any outstanding disputes during the sales process and had she been aware she wouldn't have purchased the property.

Mr and Mrs H therefore submitted a claim to HomeProtect to pursue the previous owner for breach of contract relating to the undisclosed neighbour dispute. In the meantime, the family decided to sell up and move into another property, due to fear of retaliation from the previous owner, who according to the neighbour had also shown signs of aggression in the past.

The panel solicitor progressed the matter to mediation with the previous owners. An offer of £25,000 was accepted by the family and all legal costs were covered under the Basic Legal Expenses policy.

Legal expenses cover

Feature Basic Full
Cost  Included as standard  Varies – depending on property type
Total legal expenses cover limit (per period of insurance) £25,000 Varies – depending on property type
Usage impacts No Claims bonus No No
Access to a free 24/7 legal helpline Yes Yes
Cover for disputes about your property Yes Yes
Cover for breach of contract for purchase of goods/services Yes Yes
Employment disputes (including unfair dismissal) No Yes
Upgraded cover tailored to your personal circumstances and needs No Yes

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