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Probate insurance

Buying insurance for a house in probate

When a loved one passes away and their property enters probate, it’s important to make sure the deceased's estate is well cared for. As each case is unique, it can be a fairly lengthy legal process to get all the documentation in order, which can lead to the property remaining empty for long periods of time.

That’s why we’ve created cover that you can get a quick quote for, as well as information on how to maintain the property in the meantime.

Security and peace of mind

While probate is being granted, it is up to the executors to secure the building. Even homes in a good state of repair can quickly degrade. Vacant properties are also targeted by criminals, so keeping the property safe by installing burglar alarms or changing the locks can be another unforeseen expense.

It’s often recommended, and part of the policy terms, that a house in probate is inspected regularly. Installing security equipment approved by your insurer might even be necessary depending on the policy terms and conditions. By taking steps to prevent break-ins, your insurance provider can give you a competitive quote for probate insurance.

How probate works

How probate works and what to expect in 2018

Probate is the legal process of managing a deceased person’s estate. It is required to administer their property, possessions and finances.

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Specialist cover

Taking all of the risks of an empty house into account, when an insurance provider is contacted to insure the estate during probate, they will need to verify that the customer has an 'insurable interest' in the property in order to provide cover. Once confirmed, the policy will usually be issued in the name of the executor with any beneficiaries named as additional policyholders.

The final point those seeking probate insurance need to be aware of is that most insurers will not provide cover if a house is left empty for more than thirty days at a time. However, at HomeProtect, as we specialise in providing cover to people in non-standard insurance situations. Our property insurance for probate can cover you and include additional cover options against incidents of theft, vandalism, flooding and many other scenarios.

Just let us know what your current state of affairs is in relation to the property, either online or by phone, and we will take care of the rest.

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Your questions answered

I have inherited a property that is currently in probate. Do I need insurance?

After a person passes away and their property is in probate, it needs to be valued. This can often mean that the house is left empty for some time, and in this case it should be protected by unoccupied home insurance. The beneficiary is responsible for ensuring that the right level of cover is in place.

Who is responsible for sourcing cover for a property in probate?

When a person passes away and their property is left as an inheritance, it is owned by the beneficiary. If there are multiple beneficiaries then they are co-owners of the property. It is the beneficiary’s responsibility to make sure that the appropriate home insurance is in place. For instance, while in probate the building should be protected by unoccupied house insurance.

Why won’t most insurers cover a property in probate?

A house left empty for more than three months at a time, which is often the case when going through probate, is deemed to be more at risk than other homes. For this reason many insurers are reluctant to get involved. HomeProtect aims to give everyone a competitive quote for home insurance online, regardless of how long your property might be empty.

What if my circumstances change during the time I’m insured with you?

You will need to call our Customer Services team to tell us about the change in circumstances.

Depending on the circumstances a £25 administration fee may be charged. In some cases, you may be due a refund or you may be asked to pay an additional premium amount.

Please note that some changes can also result in the terms and conditions being changed.

What is a grant of probate?

If you’re handling the affairs of an estate of someone who has passed away, you need to get “grant of probate” before you have the authority as the “executor” to distribute the assets from the estate, as per the deceased’s will.

What is the law on probate?

Probate is seeking the legal right to deal with a deceased person’s estate. The law typically requires checking the will (or applying for a grant of probate if there is no will), paying inheritance tax, collecting assets from the estate, paying off any debts then distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

What is probate property?

Probate property refers to an empty home due to the owner recently dying. A property is normally included in the assets listed in a person’s will.

Once the executor has been appointed and has been granted probate, the property and other assets owned by the deceased person’s estate can be distributed or sold, as per the instructions left in the will.

What does it mean when a house for sale is in probate?

Probate courts administer the distribution of a deceased person’s assets. This can include selling their property; this is called liquidating the deceased’s assets. The sale of the house is therefore subject to probate law, and buyers may need to attend court to confirm the sale.

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