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Why is it hard to insure a flat roof?

A roof that is entirely flat may suffer from pooling of water in wet weather causing damp and leaks that lead to water damage in the property. And, in some cases, flat roofs can put you at a greater risk of burglary as it is easier for thieves to gain entry to your home by standing on the roof to access windows.

This is why getting a home insurance quote from some insurers can be tricky and why it’s recommended that you get a quote for flat roof insurance from a specialist.

What is a flat roof?

A roof with a slightly sloped surface of 10 degrees or less. A flat roof must:

  • Be fully waterproofed with drainpipes and guttering to ensure proper water drainage. The waterproofing should extend up adjacent walls by at least 6 inches.
  • Have a thermal layer of fibreglass, polystyrene or other insulating material inserted above the roof decking. ‘Warm’ roofs require a robust vapour control layer (VCL). ‘Cold roofs’ must include adequate ventilation.
  • Be constructed to resist wind forces and be protected from sun damage.
The 11 Flat Roof Problems To Watch Out For

11 Flat Roof Problems To Watch Out For

A common issue with roofs of any type is correctly identifying the problem when things go wrong. And, more often than not, that means stopping water from getting in.

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Get flat roof cover online

Usually, if under 30% of your roof is flat then you should be able to source cover without any real issues. Even so, getting home insurance for flat roofs doesn’t need to be difficult. HomeProtect can provide flat roof home insurance online.

Having a few facts to hand will make getting a quote that much quicker:

  • Approximate percentage of the roof that is flat: 34-50% vs 51-75% vs 76-100%
  • What material the flat roof is covered with
  • The year that the flat roof was last inspected
  • Rebuild cost of the property
  • Approximate year that the property was built
  • Property history, such as flooding, structural movement, subsidence and underpinning

Maintaining a flat roof

Regular maintenance is the key with a flat roof. Start by making your own regular spot checks, especially after a period of wet weather, to catch problems before they set in and then call in a flat roof expert every few years.

Some providers of flat roof house insurance require proof of regular inspections to demonstrate that the roof has been kept in a good state of repair, so remember to ask for documentation. You could need this if you make a claim for water damage.

Flat Roof Insurance

  • Full cover for all types of flat roofs, including asphalt, EPDM, tiles, lead, GRP and eco roofs
  • Up to £500,000 rebuild cost on Buildings Insurance
  • Discount available for combined Buildings & Contents
  • Alternative accommodation if your house becomes uninhabitable
  • Access to a 24/7 claims helpline
Defaqto 5 Star home insurance
Flat roof maintenance

How To Maintain Your Flat Roof

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Which type of flat roof

Which Type Of Flat Roof Is Best For You?

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Which type of flat roof

Flat Roof Gravel Repair

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