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Updated: 18 Mar 2024

What is key protection

Key Protection is an additional cover option you can purchase when you buy a Homeprotect Buildings or Contents insurance policy. It provides cover should your keys be lost, stolen or broken. Cover is provided for any vehicle, home or office keys (including security safe keys and any immobiliser, infrared handset and/or alarm which is integral to any insured key if it cannot be repaired or reprogrammed). 

ItemCover Levels
Sum insured per year£1,500
Locksmiths charges
New locks (if a security risk has arisen)
Replacement keys
Keys locked in your property or vehicle £50
Keys damaged or broken in the lock£50 
Replacement vehicle costs if your vehicle is unusable as a result of the keys being lost, stolen or damaged £40 per day (3 days max) 
Onward transportation costs if you are stranded due to your keys being lost, stolen or damaged £100 per day (3 days max) 

There are a number of cover exclusions, the main ones being: 

  • Keys which have been lost or stolen for a period of less than 3 days 
  • More than £1,500 in total per policy year (in respect of any or all claims) 
  • Onward transport costs where hire has already been supplied 
  • Where you have failed to safeguard your keys 
  • Claims arising from any deliberate or criminal act or omission 
  • Claims made without valid receipts 
  • Keys or locks to a higher specification than those that are lost, damaged or stolen 
  • Loss of earnings or profits which you suffer as a result of the loss or theft of or damage to any insured key 
  • Wear, tear or general maintenance of keys or locks 

There are also a number of restrictions on cover: 

  • Claims must be reported within 30 days of occurrence 
  • Stolen keys must be reported to the police immediately and a crime reference number obtained 
  • Incidents occurring within 48 hours of the inception of this policy are excluded unless comparable insurance was previously held and cover continues on an uninterrupted basis 
  • You must take reasonable steps to safeguard your keys at all times 

key protection key documents

If you’re deciding on whether to buy key protection cover with us get full details of what’s covered and what’s not below.

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Your Questions Answered

There are a number of ways in which you can take precautions to protect your keys: 

  • Never attach anything to your keys that contains your name, address or any details of where your car may frequently be parked and never leave keys unattended. 
  • Never hide keys under door mats, bins or on top of window frames as an opportunistic thief may be watching, or may guess where keys may be hidden. 
  • Never leave doors or windows open, even by a small amount. 
  • Never leave your keys in your vehicle, even for a moment, especially when you are visiting petrol stations, or whilst loading or unloading your vehicle. Always lock your car when leaving it. 
  • Do not keep duplicate keys on the same key ring as your main keys. 
  • Burglars are increasingly turning to key crime as sophisticated security measures are now fitted as standard to new cars, and have been known to break into homes and offices just to steal car keys. Never leave car keys close to the front door where they can be seen 

The policy will contribute towards the cost of vehicle hire for a period of up to 3 days if your vehicle is unusable as a result of the insured keys being lost, stolen or damaged by accidental means. The policy will pay up to a maximum of £40 per day for a hire vehicle such as a Ford Focus 1.6 or a Peugeot 307 1.6 (ABI class S4).

A security risk can arise from the accidental loss or theft of a key which means it may be possible for someone who found the key to trace it to your vehicle or property. The decision as to whether or not your lost keys presents a security risk will be made by Coplus.

Yes – you as the policyholder and any immediate member of your family are covered.

You will be covered in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Our Key Protection Insurance is provided by Coplus. You can find out more about Coplus at https://www.coplus.co.uk/  

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