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Refused insurance

Finding cover after a refusal to renew or a cancellation notice

I've been refused insurance! Help!

When you start a quote for home insurance, providers may ask whether you have ever had a policy cancelled or refused. You have a duty to answer the questions asked honestly and to the best of your knowledge. By answering 'Yes' truthfully, you will likely be asked several follow-up questions. This is so that your potential insurer can assess the risk to underwrite your policy and provide adequate cover.

Why was I declined insurance?

There can be several reasons for a refusal. for instance, if a high value claim has been paid or your circumstances have changed since the original policy was taken out. In some cases, an insurance provider may not be able to offer cover because you didn't meet an underwriter's criteria. It all depends on your personal and property circumstances.

Insurance Company Refuses To Pay Claim

What to do if you've been refused home insurance

Our five-step guide sets out the options available to you for appealing or overcoming the situation of being refused insurance.

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Reasons you could be refused home insurance:

  • Your house is left empty for more than 30 days at a time.
  • Your house is of non-standard construction.
  • You have made several claims in previous years.
  • You live in a house share with others who are not related by blood or marriage.
  • You or someone you live with has a criminal conviction.
  • You live in a high flood risk area.
  • You let rooms to lodgers.
  • You run a business from home.

What to do when your home insurance is cancelled

It can be difficult to find cover from another provider after a refusal to renew or a cancellation notice but it is worth taking the following steps:

1. Speak with your insurer to find out why your policy has been cancelled.

2. Resolve the issue if possible and ask for your cover to be reinstated.

3. Make a complaint to your insurer in writing.

4. Contact the Financial Ombudsman if you think your insurer is not treating you fairly.

5. If your current insurer does not reinstate the policy, contact a specialist insurance provider.

Your house insurance provider has the right to cancel your policy in certain circumstances, such as failed payments, fraud or failure to disclose a change in circumstances or a change to the property.

At HomeProtect we understand your situation and do not believe that you are uninsurable. We can provide a home insurance quote online in 97% of cases, even if you have been refused insurance in the past.

Refused house insurance

  • Up to £500,000 as standard for loss or damage to the structure of your property or permanent fixtures.
  • Covers valuables and personal possessions listed in your policy schedule against physical loss or damage anywhere in the world.
  • Individual items worth over £1,500 must be specified.
  • Up to £25,000 legal expenses cover to pay for legal support for property disputes and goods/services contract disputes.
  • Up to £200 home emergency cover per callout to temporarily fix burst pipes, roof damage and failure of water, gas and electricity supply.
Defaqto 5 Star home business insurance for tax relief

Case Study: Converted property refused insurance

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refused insurance

Refused insurance FAQs

Need more information? Visit our refused insurance FAQs section and get the answers that you need to protect your property.

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I had to make a claim (the second I might add in my 30 years of house insurance) for one of my childrens' mobile phone, the claim was made around 12 noon and the money was in my account before 5.30 pm that day, what a fantastic service. I have renewed for a second year, and have recommended this insurance to all my friends. Thanks very much.

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