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Subsidence insurance

Insuring houses with a history of subsidence

Subsidence is usually covered under your buildings insurance. If you are searching for a new insurer then you may well have to contact a specialist insurance provider such as HomeProtect to obtain cover, since most standard insurers will refuse a property known to be suffering from subsidence. This is also the case for properties with a history of subsidence. On that note, if you are looking to buy a property then check the surveyor’s report for any signs of subsidence in the past.

Insuring Homes Affected By Subsidence

Step-by-step subsidence guide 2018

Learn what to do from spotting the first signs of subsidence to fixing the problem for good.

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What if you discover subsidence after switching insurance provider?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has an agreement with all its members that if subsidence is identified within eight weeks of switching provider, your previous insurer has responsibility for handling the claim.

Home insurance for subsidence

  • To get a quote, find out about the building’s history including when the subsidence occurred.
  • Details of any claims, particularly those related to the subsidence.
  • Rebuild cost of the property.
  • Approximate year of the building’s construction.
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We had many refusals to insure because of historic settlement. HomeProtect has been easy to deal with and reasonably priced. No issues, no complaints and so far no claims.
6 March 2017

Mr Jones, Norwich

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