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Home insurance quotes for ex-offenders with unspent criminal convictions online.

Home Insurance with Conviction

Searching for home insurance can be a challenge when you have a criminal conviction. Generally, insurance companies do not provide cover to applicants with an unspent conviction, leaving hundreds of thousands of UK residents uninsured and at risk.

Do you have any criminal convictions which are not spent?

Convictions that are unspent must be disclosed when applying for a new role, or a product such as a mortgage or insurance. The length of time that you need to disclose your unspent conviction depends on the crime. You do not have to disclose a spent conviction to your insurer.

Declaring a conviction

If you or anyone living at the property, including tenants, has a criminal conviction, you must declare it. If not, you may be at risk of your insurance provider cancelling your cover or refusing point blank to renew your policy because of the non-disclosure of material facts. What’s more, if you have not been truthful and need to claim then your policy could be invalid and you will not receive any support or pay out from your insurer.

Will A Conviction Affect My Claim?

Will A Conviction Affect My Claim?

If you make a false statement and misrepresent the terms of your conviction or sentence then your claim can be rejected.

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Home Insurance for Ex-offenders

Don’t lose hope. HomeProtect can provide home insurance quotes for ex-offenders with unspent criminal convictions online.

We work closely with Unlock, the charity for people with convictions, to ensure that insurance for ex-offenders is available. In fact, we sponsor the Unlock Disclosure Calculator, which helps you to work out when convictions become spent. All information you disclose is stored securely. Information is stored in line with our privacy policy.

How do I know when my conviction is spent?

Unless you were convicted with a prison sentence of over 4 years, your conviction will most likely become spent. The time it takes to become spent varies depending on your sentence and if you were tried as an Adult or a Young Person (under 18). Once your criminal record becomes spent you no longer need to disclose it to your home insurance provider.

Use the Disclosure Calculator to find out when your criminal conviction will become ‘spent’.

Criminal Convictions Insurance

  • Complete discretion when taking out a policy
  • Up to £500,000 rebuild cost on Buildings Insurance
  • Up to £25,000 legal expenses cover to pay for legal support for property disputes
  • Public liability up to £5 million available
  • Access to a 24/7 claims helpline
Defaqto 5 Star home business insurance

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Criminal Convictions Insurance FAQs

Need more information? Visit our insurance with convictions FAQs section and get the answers that you need to protect your property.

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It's very simple really - My son-in-law had a criminal record and only HomeProtect would offer house insurance at a a reasonable price. Every time I phone to discuss renewals, they are always helpful.

Dan Gurr via Trustpilot

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