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Parents and children visiting your home every day can cause insurance complications
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Professional childminding needs a specialist insurer

Working from home and being your own boss has many benefits. Working as a professional childminder who is educating and inspiring children daily is also a great reward, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Finding home contents and building insurance for childcare providers can be a difficult task, as lots of insurers believe that working as a childminder from home is a big risk. We’re not like every other insurer though. We want to make getting an online quote for your home business a simple and stress-free process.

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Our childminder home insurance policy is designed for you and has a range of benefits and features that will protect your property, your possessions and your office equipment. Public liability, accidental damage cover, legal expenses and additional cover options can be tailored to meet your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

I'm considering becoming a childminder, how will this affect my home insurance?

Your home insurance provider will need to be informed that you are running a business at home that involves your customers (parents and their children) being in your home on a regular basis. A mainstream home insurance provider generally won't provide home insurance under these circumstances. You can get cover from Homeprotect, simply enter the details of your business visitors when you get an online quote.

Why is it so difficult to get a quote for childminding house insurance?

You may well have noticed that very few insurers are comfortable with providing cover to childminders. In most cases, insurers believe that a home occupied by other people’s children is an unacceptably high risk. We don’t agree. We understand that childminding is your business, so you should be able to get buildings and contents cover in the same way that anyone else working from home does.

What happens if there is a dispute with a parent?

It is in your best interests to have a written contract between you and any parents that you are providing childminder services to. In relation to home insurance, we provide up to £50,000 of legal expenses as standard within our home insurance. You may choose to upgrade this further when taking out cover.

Legal costs insurance - what does this cover?

When you run a business from home, it's important to have legal expenses cover in place. The legal expenses cover gives you access to a 24/7 legal advice helpline, and will pay for legal bills relating to nuisance or trespass disputes and breach of contract for the sale or purchase of your property. The Homeprotect policy includes a basic level of legal expenses cover with every policy, providing up to £50,000 cover. You can upgrade to Full legal expenses to increase the cover limit to £100,000. Read more about the differences between Basic cover and Full cover.

Satisfied customers

Very happy with cover, especially as I am a childminder, 30 April 2018
Was looking for a home contents policy specifically suited to Childminding and several colleagues had recommended this site. I found the website and application for insurance easy, hassle free, suited to my needs and cheaper than my existing policy. Would definately recommend to others. Trustpilot, 29 September 2017
My wife is a childminder, and as such it is difficult to find good insurance that meets our needs. The quote from HomeProtect looked great value for money, so much so I needed to call up and check that this actually covered us fully. Call centre answered quickly and professionally, and knew the responses straight away. ReviewCentre, February 2016