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Home insurance with a claims history

If you've made a claim before, you know how important it is to have home insurance

If you have made a lot of insurance claims, or one very big one, there is a good chance that your current insurer will take steps to refuse your renewal or raise the price of your premium to deter you from renewing.

When you apply for home insurance you need to tell the insurer about any previous claims as it could affect the assessment of risk. Though many insurance providers will be discouraged by such information, Homeprotect will always consider you.

Like other insurance companies, we ask that you are honest with us but we won’t refuse to quote you because of your adverse insurance history. Please note that we’re unable to provide a quote if you have a claim that is still outstanding with another insurance company.

Claims history

Adverse claims history explained

With a claims history described as "adverse", you are likely to have made a large number of insurance claims in the past. 

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To get an online quote, you'll need to know 

  • Details about previous claims: the year, value and type of claim.
  • Rebuild cost of the property.
  • Approximate year that the property was built.
  • Whether the property has suffered from a flood, structural movement, subsidence and whether it has been underpinned.
  • Types of locks fitted to the external doors.
  • Total value of all your belongings if replaced new.
  • List of your bicycles, tablets, mobile phones, laptops and other high risk or high value belongings.

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Your questions answered

How is my insurance premium calculated?

Premiums for insurance policies are based on the risk presented and assessing the probability of that risk materialising.

Underwriters use all available tools and data to assist with this complex assessment to arrive at a premium.

The tools used for this risk assessment include government and industry statistics, claims and underwriting experience.

The process of ‘accumulation’ is also utilised by underwriters in the risk assessment. This means that one insurance provider will limit the number of properties it will insure within the same area.

How long does it take for a claim to be settled?

As soon as we have checked that your claim is covered by your policy, we will get the process moving. Straightforward claims are normally settled very quickly, and in all cases the Claims team will keep you informed of progress.

Some larger value claims e.g. in the event of an extensive house fire, can take months for the damage to be fully repaired or the property rebuilt and your family moved back into the property.

What makes HomeProtect different?

We make it easy for you to get an online quote, even if you have complex arrangements such as previous subsidence, taking in a lodger or someone in the property has a criminal conviction

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