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  • Up to £5m public liability cover for domestic staff.
  • Reinstatement in same materials, to original design.
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Listed building insurance

Protecting homes with architectural or historical significance

Listed properties tend to have a greater rebuild cost than standard homes, meaning that insuring your listed building can involve larger premiums. This is why it's important to work with a specialist insurance provider such as HomeProtect, as we understand listed building construction and so we can help you achieve the best possible quote for your circumstances. If in doubt, contact a Quantity Surveyor to arrange a Professional Rebuilding Cost Assessment.

To reduce the risk of claiming on your property, you should carry out a regular inspection of your listed property, keeping your eyes peeled for damage to the roof, drainage issues and damp patches.

What is a listed building?

What is a listed building?

A listed building is one of architectural or historical significance that is protected by listing marks.

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Grades of listed buildings explained

Because a number of buildings will sometimes be recorded in a single listing, the exact number of listed properties in the UK is not known. It is estimated to be around 500,000. There are varying categories for England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Maintaining a listed property

If you own a listed property, you are responsible for its maintenance. This can be a difficult task, considering that many of the techniques used to build the house may have fallen out of use. For this, you will need a specialist contractor. Traditionally, specialist works are more expensive, which is a primary reason for seeking specialist house insurance for a listed property.

Before you undertake any work on your listed house you must seek permission from your local authority. This applies to both internal and external changes to the property. Your local council, and in some cases a body like Historic England, will ultimately decide whether you can go ahead with renovations or repair work. This is to ensure that the aspects of the listed property which are of special interest are not lost.

Listing covers the complete interior and exterior of the listed building and can also extend to fixtures. Common difficulties for listed home owners include changing doors, window glazing, outbuildings and even fitting burglar alarms.

Why take out listed buildings insurance with HomeProtect?

Finding cover for your listed property from a standard insurer can be a real challenge. It is a non-standard risk and therefore you are likely to get a higher level of cover at a fairer premium from a specialist insurance provider such as HomeProtect than you would from run-of-the-mill insurers.

Insurance for listed buildings

  • HomeProtect can insure all listed grades and categories in the UK.
  • £500K rebuild cost, taking the use of original building materials and methods into account (more available if your property needs it).
  • Discount available for combined Buildings and Contents.
  • Public liability up to £5 million available.
  • Access to a 24/7 claims helpline.
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Your questions answered

How do I apply for listed building consent?

Application Forms are available from the Civic Offices. In addition to the completed form you must also submit various additional documents. Please contact the Planning Services Department for advice. There is no fee for applications.

How long does it take to obtain listed building consent?

Allow at least eight weeks when applying for Listed Building Consent. If works are urgent, you should discuss this with the Planning Services Department. If the building is Grade I or Grade II*, a longer period should be allowed in order for the local planning authority to undertake the additional consultations required for these special buildings.

What does insurance cost on a grade 2 listed building?

The majority of listed buildings in the UK are grade 2 buildings, and although the cost of insurance varies for every property, listed buildings insurance generally has a high premium. This is because rebuilding an older property often requires specialist tradespeople and materials which are not readily available.

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