Buildings insurance

Providing you with excellent levels of insurance cover to protect your residential building

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Buildings insurance

Covering you against loss and damage to your property

Our buildings insurance covers your home against losses from fire, storm, flood, vandalism, burglary, vehicle collision and subsidence.

Buildings insurance covers not only the main building but also things such as interior decorations, fixtures and fittings, garages, domestic outbuildings, drives, patios, gates, fences, walls, swimming pools and tennis courts within the boundary of the property.

HomeProtect can provide buildings insurance for homes that are classed as "hard to insure" by others, such as listed buildings, steel framed buildings or those near water. Find out more about the different property types and situations that we can cover.

Cover up to £500,000

Normally a HomeProtect buildings insurance policy provides up to £500,000 to rebuild your buildings, although more is available if your property needs it. We recommend that you check how much your property would cost to rebuild before getting a quote, avoiding the complications and disappointment of under-insurance in the event of a claim.

No Claims Discount available

If you haven’t made a claim for a long time, you’ll be rewarded with a less expensive premium. A HomeProtect buildings insurance policy can be reduced in price by up to 25% through a no claims discount.

What is a building insurance?

Buildings insurance is a policy that protects the structural aspects of a property, such as the walls, roof, fixtures and fittings against loss or damage. Buildings insurance will cover the rebuild cost of your home; this is not the same as the property’s market value.

Do you need buildings insurance on a flat?

If you own your flat, you should take out buildings insurance. If you are living in a leasehold flat, or are a tenant, your landlord has responsibility for sourcing buildings insurance.

What does the building insurance cover?

Buildings insurance covers the full rebuild cost of the property as well as the cost of repair for loss or damage to the structure of your house. Risks covered usually include fire, lightning, explosion, storm, flood, subsidence as well as damage to outbuildings or other areas within the boundary of the property.

Situations we can cover:

For a full list of what is covered and details of cover limits please refer to the HomeProtect policy booklets.

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Buildings insurance

Accidental Damage cover

The HomeProtect policy will (in most cases) include a Basic level of Accidental Damage, which covers windows, double glazing, sanitary ware, ceramic hobs, domestic oil pipes, underground water-supply pipes, gas pipes and cables. You can upgrade to Full Accidental Damage cover.

Buildings insurance

Legal Expenses cover

The insurance policy includes Basic Legal Expenses cover which provides up to £25,000 for legal fees you may face for disputes associated with your home; such as ownership of the insured property; and the sale or purchase of the insured property. You can upgrade to Full Legal Expenses cover.

Buildings insurance

Home Emergency cover

The insurance policy includes Basic Home Emergency cover which provides cover for common home emergencies including burst pipes; failure of the water, gas or electricity supply; removal of pests or vermin; and roof damage. You can upgrade to Full Home Emergency cover.

To get a quote, you'll need to know:

  • Rebuild cost of your property
  • Approximate year of construction
  • Facts about the building’s history including: whether the property has suffered from a flood, structural movement, subsidence and whether it has been underpinned.
  • Types of locks fitted to the external doors

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