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Homeprotect buildings and contents insurance policies cover your garage and other outbuildings for which you are legally responsible and which are located within the boundary of your property, as well as items stored in them such as gardening tools, power tools, sport and gym equipment.

What’s stored in your garage?

Garages are home to lawnmowers, tool kits and bicycles. More often than not, we also use the garage as a bit of a dumping ground for those items that don’t quite have a place in the house too. The cost of all those items can quickly add up but they are often forgotten when seeking home contents insurance.

Theft is a big concern for belongings stored in the garage or shed. Fitting new locks, security lighting or installing a burglar alarm can make a great difference and be a useful deterrent to thieves. Even so, having all the items in your garage covered by insurance will give you added peace of mind that your contents are protected, should the worst happen.

Garage contents insurance for your forgotten belongings

All of the items that you store in your garage, like tools and bicycles, can add up to several thousand pounds. If you haven’t already then it’s well worth calculating the value of the contents of your garage and other outbuildings, just as you would do for the main house, and add this to your total sum insured.

Your policy will cover you for contents up to £1,500, unless you specify that you need more. There is also a £1,500 single item limit, so you must specify any belongings over that value to receive the full replacement amount if they are stolen or damaged.

Note that, in some cases, increasing contents cover will cause a referral.

Frequently asked questions

Can I claim for items stolen from my garage if it wasn’t locked?

Cover against claims for theft is only provided where there are signs of damage caused by the thief to gain entry, and if your garage was not locked this would not be the case. However, if a padlock, door or window had been broken to gain entry, this would be considered. Don’t forget that there is a limit for any one claim for items stored in outbuildings. Check the current level in our policy booklet.

My garage is not within the boundary of my home. Is it covered?

Garages and lock-ups that are situated in a separate block outside the boundary of your property are not covered as standard by HomeProtect buildings or contents insurance policies, but we can usually add them in if you call us.

Is there a value limit on items which I store in my garage?

There is a maximum claim limit unless you have specifically asked to increase this. Check the current level in our policy booklet.

Does home insurance cover garage doors?

Yes, as the garage is an outbuilding, damage caused to the structure itself is covered under buildings insurance. This is separate from your contents insurance.

Can I get garage insurance separate from my home insurance?

No, we only provide cover for garages and outbuildings as part of a buildings and contents home insurance policy.

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Home, outbuildings and boundary at a glance

Note: These diagrams are for illustration only. If there’s a conflict between the diagrams and the wording in your policy, the wording should be used.

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