Shed insurance

Insure the contents of your shed under your home insurance policy

HomeProtect buildings and contents insurance policies cover your shed and other outbuildings for which you are legally responsible and which are located within the boundary of your property, as well as items stored in them such as gardening tools, power tools, sport and gym equipment.

Does your current home insurance cover enough?

While your buildings insurance will usually cover outbuildings like your shed or garage, you will also need to consider whether the sum insured for your shed contents insurance will cover the items you keep there.

High value items, like power tools, can quickly add up to a significant sum. Making an inventory of the possessions stored in your shed can help you to find out whether you need additional contents cover. Specifying items, particularly bicycles, is a necessity to ensure that your valuables are protected against the likelihood of theft or damage.

Note that, in some cases, increasing contents cover will cause a referral. This is when the underwriter makes an assessment of the risk to your belongings and outbuildings before agreeing to provide cover.

Shed security

Making simple changes to protect and maintain your shed will reduce the chance of it being broken into. Using locks on the doors and windows, and fitting alarms and security lighting can all have an impact on reducing the risk to your outbuilding. Similar care and attention should be taken to protect from weather damage.

Pay attention to the terms of your policy where high value items like bicycles are concerned too, as having adequate locks and deterrents to thieves in place could be essential in the event of making a claim for stolen items.

Frequently asked questions

Can I claim for items stolen from my shed if it wasn’t locked?

Cover against claims for theft is only provided where there are signs of damage caused by the thief to gain entry, and if your shed was not locked this would not be the case. However, if a padlock, door or window had been broken to gain entry, this would be considered. Don’t forget that there is a limit for any one claim for items stored in outbuildings. Check the current level in our policy booklet.

Are greenhouses and summer houses covered by shed insurance too?

Sheds, greenhouses, summer houses, garages, bike stores and other outbuildings within the boundary of your property are all covered in the same way on HomeProtect buildings and contents policies.

Is damage to the structure of my shed covered?

This is covered by buildings insurance, subject to policy terms.

Is there a limit to the value of items stored in my shed which are covered?

There is a maximum claim limit unless you have specifically asked to increase this. Check the current level in our policy booklet.

Can I get shed insurance separate from my home insurance?

No, we only provide cover for sheds and outbuildings as part of a buildings and contents home insurance policy.

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Shed insurance key points

  • Your policy will cover you for contents up to £1,500, unless you specify that you need more.
  • The single item limit is £1,500, so you must specify any belongings over that value to receive the full replacement amount if they are stolen or damaged.
  • Outbuildings are covered for up to £7,500 under Buildings insurance.
  • Increasing contents cover will cause a referral in some cases.