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Barn conversions can be the perfect crossover between modern homes and country living; full of character and individuality but customised with today’s mod cons. Conversions of this nature are often a project taken on by the homeowner, or a local builder, as opposed to building firms. When it comes to insuring the property, this is something that needs to be taken into account.

What does my insurer need to know?

Barn conversions are one of a kind, so it’s best that you visit a specialist insurance provider like HomeProtect to retrieve a quote. We will consider the competence of the builder, the type of building materials used and the extent of conversion carried out when underwriting your policy. That’s because we recognise that your conversion is as individual as you are, and that the one-size-fits-all approach by standard insurers just won’t cut it.

There are three main types of barn which we can insure:

  • Box construction barns – the four walls of the building support the entire structure
  • Cruck framed barns – internal timber A-frames provide structural support for both the roof and the walls
  • Post and truss barns – internal timber frames support the weight of the roof by adjoining vertically with central posts

Insurance is a must-have for any barn conversion. With HomeProtect you can get a competitive online quote no matter what type of converted barn you are thinking of buying. 

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Very quick to get the insurance I wanted on a barn conversion and great value for my home contents insurance too.

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I live in a converted barn and was looking for competitive insurance. Thank you very much! 01 May 2015
Very quick to get the insurance I wanted on a barn conversion and great value for my home contents insurance too 28 November 2014
My policy was so easy to setup online and they were very competitively priced, it is the right balance of ease of use and value for money. 01 January 2015