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Solar panels insurance is available when you get buildings insurance through Homeprotect

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Insurance for solar panel

The nation’s efforts to take better care of the environment and to find more sustainable sources of energy are growing. Solar panels are becoming of more interest to many homeowners, and so are questions around solar panels insurance.

Typically, solar panels are protected under your buildings insurance, as they are defined as being a part of the fixtures and fittings for the property. At Homeprotect, your solar panels are covered if you own or are legally responsible for them, they are attached to the property and are within the premises named in the policy schedule.

Ground-mounted solar panels are not covered. If you are adding solar panels to your house you will need to assess whether the rebuild cost of your property has changed and update the sum for which you have been insured if necessary.

If you are an existing customer who is switching to a more eco-friendly energy system then please get in touch to let us know. It’s important to update your insurer so that we can continue to provide the right level of cover.

Frequently asked questions

Will installing solar panels affect my home insurance?

Not with a Homeprotect policy!

Are solar tiles covered?

Yes, solar tiles which replace existing roof tiles are covered by Homeprotect buildings insurance policies.

What types of solar panels are covered?

Homeprotect buildings insurance covers Photovoltaic or PV solar panels including both monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels, solar thermal panels thin film or amorphous silicon solar panels, hybrid PV panels with heat exchangers and solar tiles.

Insurance for solar panels is made easy when you select Homeprotect

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