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Protecting high risk contents including watches and art collections
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It’s a fact of life that some of your belongings are more attractive than others to thieves because they’re easily stolen and resold and – usually – because they’re quite high in value. We call these high risk items, and we ask you to specify these on your policy if they’re worth more than a certain amount or if you want them to be covered outside the home.

What are high risk items?

High risk items include:

Antiques, rare books, china and porcelain, glassware, clocks, furs, gold or silver (including gold- and silver-plated) items, guns, medical equipment, musical equipment, sports equipment and garden machinery also count as high risk items.

How do I get insurance for high-risk items?

High risk items individually, or as part of a collection, worth less than £1,500 are covered as standard (except for accidental damage which is optional) on Homeprotect contents insurance policies up to a maximum of £5,000 or 20% of the contents sum insured, whichever is lower, inside the home. 

If any of your high risk items are worth more than £1,500 or if you want them to be covered outside your home, you need to specify these on your policy, telling us what they are and how much they’re worth.

Don't forget to let us know about any electronic gadgets worth more than £350 and any bikes worth more than £350 you have too.

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Getting the value right

When you add high-risk items to your contents insurance, it’s important to make sure that they are properly valued and not underinsured.

Key points

It is your responsibility to inform your insurer of specific items and their value so that you are properly insured and will not be left out of pocket in the event of a claim. Make sure that you:

  • Keep the receipts as proof of the purchase price.
  • Have valuations updated regularly and store the certificates in a safe place. It is recommended that jewellery is valued every two years by an accredited jeweller.
  • Keep a record of your high risk items, with photographs and a description, as these details can help insurers to process a claim more easily.
  • Store your valuable jewellery and watches in a safe at home when you’re not wearing them. Never leave valuables on display where they can be seen by opportunist burglars.

When making a claim, bear in mind that you’ll be liable to pay any excess already stipulated under the policy terms and this could be more than the cost of replacing the jewellery or other valuable yourself.

Frequently asked questions

How are collections valued?

Collections are valued as a whole. For example, if each coin in a coin collection is worth less than £1,500 individually but the collection as a whole is worth more than this, you should specify the collection on your policy.

Can I get cover for high risk items away from home?

Yes! You need to specify the item on your policy – no matter what it is worth – and select to have cover away from your property included.

Does artwork insurance include the frame?

Yes, paintings should be valued as a complete item including the frame.

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