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No matter what your taste in art, you should always insure your collection. The joy of art is being able to display it openly in your home, rather than locking it away in a safe. That’s why HomeProtect will insure your artwork as part of your home contents insurance.

Regardless of type, whether a sculpture or painting, pieces of art can be insured on your policy. You are covered up to £5,000 in total for valuables, however, if a piece is worth over £1,500 individually, then you must specify it on your policy. You should have your art valued regularly to ensure you choose the correct value for your insurance. If you make new purchases throughout the duration of a policy, then remember to update your cover.

Insurance can protect your art from accidental damage, flood, fire and theft. To accurately insure your artworks, you should get each item valued by a professional. This is particularly the case if you switch insurers, as you should get your collection appraised every 2 years at least, to account for changes in value. Different insurers will also have different cover levels.

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