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Protect and insure your mobility scooter as part of your HomeProtect contents insurance
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You don’t need vehicle insurance for a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, but such a valuable aspect of your day-to-day activities should be covered against theft and damage.

Mobility scooter and powered wheelchairs come in two categories:

  • Class 2 invalid carriages which are pavement only and have a max speed of 4mph.
  • Class 3 invalid carriages which can be used on the roads and have a max speed of 8mph.

HomeProtect insurance for Class 2 scooters

With a home insurance policy from HomeProtect you can insure your Class 2 mobility scooter or electric wheelchair as part of your home contents cover. Our standard policy includes cover for damage and theft. We do not offer cover for Class 3 mobility scooters.

Unless specified individually on your policy, £1,500 is the claim limit amount that your scooter will be insured for. Any mobility vehicle worth more than that must be specified individually to be covered up to its true replacement value.

Should you lose or damage your keys then we will cover the cost of replacing them, or will make good on any locksmith charges, so long as you have Lost Key Cover included in your policy. 

Frequently asked questions

Is my mobility scooter insured for theft if I store it in a garage or shed?

Yes, a Class 2 invalid carriage is covered so long as any keys required to operate it are not left in it and the garage or shed is within the boundary of your property and is fitted with a suitable locks which is in use.

If I have an accident and someone else is hurt will the insurance cover a liability claim?

Yes, so long as you’ve specified it on your policy and requested cover away from your home.

How can I prevent my mobility scooter from being stolen?

First of all, keep your scooter locked when not in use – even when it’s in your own home- with a quality bicycle U-lock or chain. The majority of mobility scooter thefts in the UK are from their owner’s home.

You can also immobilise your scooter by removing the spark plug or HP cap.

Finally, you can also deter thieves by having your mobility scooter microchipped and displaying a sticker on your scooter warning thieves that it’s tagged.

Is my scooter covered if it’s stolen from somewhere away from my home that I’ve parked it?

Yes. HomeProtect contents insurance covers your mobility scooter against theft outside the home, provided you’ve specified it on your policy and requested cover away from home.

Are accessories attached to my scooter covered?

HomeProtect mobility scooter insurance includes cover for accessories attached to the scooter up to a maximum amount per claim if the mobility scooter itself is stolen at the same time. Remember that you need to specify a mobility scooter on your policy for it to be covered for theft outside the home or if worth more than a certain amount. Check the current level in our policy booklet.

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