Tenant liability insurance

Protecting you against damage to your landlord’s property
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Tenants liability insurance

What is tenants liability insurance and who needs it?

Tenant liability insurance protects people who rent a complete property. It covers them for the cost of damage they - or their guests - may cause to their landlord’s house or flat, for which their tenancy agreement specifies they are responsible. This includes the building itself, as well as its fixtures and fittings.

Some landlords and letting agencies will require their tenants to hold a level of tenant’s liability insurance as a term of contract. Unless they are renting an entirely unfurnished property, there is a high chance that it contains breakable items that belong to the landlord, for which the tenant is responsible for looking after. To avoid costly repair or replacement charges, having Tenant's Insurance can give peace of mind that these costs will be covered. 

It is also sometimes known as tenancy liability insurance.

What does tenant’s liability insurance cover?

Also known as tenancy liability insurance or renter’s insurance, it can cover the cost of the repair or replacement of household goods, fixtures and furnishings, in the case they are accidentally damaged or stolen. Accidental damage differs from wear and tear, which is a gradual process that occurs through reasonable use. Examples of accidental damage include a smashed window, cigarette burns on a sofa or a stained carpet. Tenant’s liability insurance can also cover legal costs if you were to go to court over a dispute with your landlord or agency.

While it isn’t a legal requirement, it is the landlord’s responsibility to have buildings insurance, which will cover reasonable wear and tear of the property, as well as damage to the building itself, caused by fire, flood or vandalism. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy tenants liability insurance on its own?

No, sorry, we only offer tenant liability insurance as part of a home contents insurance policy.

Does tenant liability insurance cover accidental damage to baths and basins?

Yes. HomeProtect tenant contents insurance covers up to £500 per claim for accidental damage to windows (but not window frames), bathroom fixtures, mirrors, glass tops, glass in furniture and ceramic hobs.

What does tenancy liability insurance cost?

Tenant’s liability cover is part of HomeProtect tenant contents insurance policies. The cost depends on the value of the contents insured, the location and type of property in which you live, and whether you choose to include cover for your belongings when they are outside your home.

Does each tenant need their own policy?

Unless each tenant has their own tenancy agreement, they do not all require their own policy. The policy will cover anyone named on the tenancy agreement. If there are any other people living at the property that are not named on the agreement, they will be required to have their own insurance and the original policy holder must declare there are ‘other residents’ at the property.

How much does the policy cover me for?

HomeProtect’s tenant’s liability insurance covers up to £500 per claim.

Can the cover be extended?

Cover for tenant building liability can be extended to a degree, from up to £500 per claim. Legal liability cover cannot be extended, however.

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We contacted HomeProtect after having problems with our other insurance company. We looked on line first and they come up with HomeProtect so we contacted them and from the start they were very helpful and we took out our insurance. Also at Christmas they did a insurance so it covered our Christmas presents which was a surprise and an excellent idea. We would recommend them to anyone. Excellent service. Trustpilot, 1 March 2017
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