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We take a fresh approach to helping those with insolvency, debts & bankruptcy issues. Online quotes let you sort out insurance easily

A breath of fresh air

You’ll find that some insurance companies may provide an indicative quote online if you’ve got an instance of bankruptcy to declare but then you’ll need to phone them and give some more details before a firm price is offered, if they decide to offer you a quote at all. This is the olden, not so golden, days of home insurance!

But help is at hand. HomeProtect offers you easy online access to a firm quote for the home insurance you need. You can even get your quote on your mobile phone while you’re out and about; and in most cases, you’ll only speak to us if you decide you want to.

Save money by paying annually

We offer two payment options, either monthly instalments or you can pay in a single amount when you purchase the policy. The monthly payment option has a transaction fee and it requires you to have a credit score check undertaken by the Direct Debit provider. So if you have already had financial issues to contend with, the easiest and less stressful payment method is to pay for the annual premium in one go with a credit card or debit card.

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Insurance for those declared bankrupt

Understand how being previously declared bankrupt can affect your home insurance.

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Bankruptcy insurance FAQs

We’ve prepared some helpful answers to your questions about bankruptcy insurance, and about how our policy works.

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I declared bankruptcy 20 years ago, but still have to declare it, home protect are one of the few that will cover you at standard rates 

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