Following on from our recent popular research into Rolex watch ownership in the UK, we were inspired to analyse our watch data again. This time we have been looking at who owns Omega watches in an attempt to find out whether they live the high-flying but dangerous lifestyle aspired to by fans of the most famous British Omega watch wearer, James Bond.

The data is produced from looking at all the watches declared as a valuable item when their owners undertake a home insurance quote on our website.

Younger (and therefore more virile) men own Omegas

Omega watch owners are mainly in their 30s and 40s. 71% of them are men. However, luxury watch owners aged 50+ own more Rolexes than Omegas. The average Omega watch is declared as being worth £3k and the average Rolex is worth two Omegas.

Omega watch ownership by age group

Omega watch ownership by age group

Omega watch ownership by marital status

Omega watch ownership by marital status

But it's all married men!

For men, being in a relationship also encourages Omega watch purchases.

Do wives encourage their husbands to live out the spy fantasy by buying and wearing the James Bond Seamaster watch?

Who wears the Seamaster?

The average Seamaster wearer was born in October 1972 and is now aged 44.

The Bond actor of his childhood was Roger Moore, but he's familiar with all the Bond movies due to the films being played repeatedly on Bank Holidays for many decades.

He's less likely to have children, with only 48% having children compared with average 54% married men who have children.

Fact File: Omega Seamaster Owner

Very few work for MI6

Only 0.9% of Omega watch wearers work for the UK Government and half of these own the Seamaster model.

14.5% of all Omega watch owners do not work! The largest group of the 'not in employment' group are retired. They also own the most valuable Omegas.

Omega owners who work in computer services insure their watches for a lower value than those in financial services and healthcare professionals.

People working in the building industry and electrical services wear more expensive Omegas.

Omega owner professions and watch values

Omega owner professions and watch values

They all live in London and the North

(A bit like Michael Caine in 1970s film Get Carter!)

Comparing average wages in the cities where the most Omega owners live, it's no surprise that Londoners earn higher wages than elsewhere in the UK and that many Londoners own Omega watches.

What is surprising, perhaps, is that of the top 10 places where Omega owners live, 7 of these cities have lower than UK average salaries.

The last word

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Other interesting Omega facts

Did you know that Omega was chosen by NASA to be the first watch worn on the moon? Neil Armstrong wore an Omega Speedmaster whilst taking his giant leap for mankind on the moon in 1969. Omega watches now accompany all NASA astronauts on missions and remain an official part of the NASA kit.

Omega was chosen by the Olympics Committee to be the official electronic timekeeper at the Helsinki Games in 1952, and has been used at 20 Olympics since then.

Experts say that the Omega quality watch movements are the secret sauce of the brand's success and maybe this is why they retain a dedicated fanbase willing to pay a little extra for a quality timepiece.