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Cancelling My Insurance Policy

Cancelling My Insurance Policy

After paying annual home insurance can you get a refund if you cancel?

You may be entitled to a refund if you cancel your insurance. This depends on the terms of the individual policy purchased.

In most cases, home insurance policies have a 14-day cancellation period where you are entitled to a refund, if no claims have been made.

If you want to cancel outside of the cooling off period, you will normally receive a pro-rata refund. A cancellation fee or admin fee may apply. 

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your policy by emailing your name and policy number to service@homeprotect.co.uk or by contacting our Customer Services team. You will need to confirm the date you would like your policy cancelled from.

Please note that we can’t back-date a cancellation, i.e. the earliest date of cancellation will be the date you first requested the cancellation.

How much is the cancellation fee?

If you cancel your policy within the cooling off period, which is 14 days after purchase, there is no administration fee.

If you cancel your policy after this period there is a £50 administration fee.

If your policy has a 6 or 12 month “no return of premium” endorsement this will also be deducted from any amount due to be refunded.

I need to cancel part way through the year but I have a “12-month endorsement”, what does that mean?

The 12-month endorsement means that if you cancel your policy midway through the year there will be no refund.

Is there a cancellation fee during the cooling-off period?

No, there is no administration fee applied if you decide to cancel your policy within the cooling off period. The cooling off period is the 14 days after you have purchased the policy.

Is there a cooling-off period?

Yes, the first 14 days are the cooling off period, i.e. from when you have received your home insurance document. 

Why do I have to pay a cancellation fee?

The cancellation fee is charged to contain the expense of customers taking out a policy with us or allowing a policy to renew, and then cancelling.

You will find that most online providers of home insurance charge a cancellation administration fee because we all incur costs in either converting quotes into policies or renewing policies with the documentation, paperwork and accounting process that it incurs, and then further costs in having to reverse the accounting process.

This works to the benefit of customers who do not cancel in that we are able to avoid passing on such costs to them. We have a duty to treat all our customers fairly. We felt it was not fair to our other customers whilst they were having to cover these costs.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my home insurance?

If you have paid for your policy in full then you may receive a pro-rata refund, taking into consideration any administration fees, conditions on your policy and any additional cover options which you have purchased.

If you pay by monthly instalments the Customer Accounts team will calculate the cancellation amount, taking into consideration any administration fees, conditions, any additional cover options which you have purchased, or payments made on the policy. They will then contact you to confirm if there is a refund due, or if there is an administration fee payable.