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How to renew my policy

Please call our Renewals team on 0330 660 1000 to request the policy to be paid by monthly payments. One of the team will explain the process involved.

You can change your renewal preference by contacting our Customer Services team or via your online account. You can do this at any point during the year.

You can either pay the annual premium in full, or you can pay by monthly instalments.

Your policy is set to automatically renew each year unless you have informed us not to or we have asked you to get in touch. We will send you a renewal reminder each year to confirm this.

If your payment does not go through at the beginning of the new policy year, we will contact you.

Most policies are set to renew automatically to make sure that you are fully insured without a break. This protects your property and belongings in the event of having to make a claim.

However, please be aware that your policy will not automatically renew if you have received a letter asking you to get in touch with us about renewing. In this case, you must contact us to renew your policy. Please call 0330 660 1000.

Please call our Customer Services team, one of the team will be happy to help sort this out.

Please contact our Renewals team to pay for the premium in a one-off annual payment.

Unless you have been informed otherwise, your policy is set to automatically renew each year. Please call us on 0330 660 1000 if you would prefer to opt out of autorenewal.

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