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Having financial issues can make getting a home insurance quote difficult and time-consuming

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Some of our customers have been forced into financial difficulties for a variety of reasons and had to reset their financial futures by setting up an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. It’s not an easy decision to take as it makes life a little trickier for the time that the IVA is in place and for some time afterwards.

It might be tempting to omit to tell insurers about an IVA in the past, but be aware that if you do this and you need to make a claim at some point, the insurer will find the IVA information because it’s available in public records and most likely refuse the claim and cancel your policy immediately. Be honest about your situation to be sure to have the protection you and your family need.

The HomeProtect policy has been rated 5 Star by Defaqto, meaning that it provides excellent levels of cover for both Buildings insurance and Contents insurance. Buying a Defaqto 5 Star policy lets you take it easy, knowing that if anything happens to your home or your belongings that we’ll help put things right.

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IVAs or bankruptcy and your tenancy

An IVA is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement that you enter into with your creditors, whereby you pay all or part of your debts off gradually through regular payments.

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Making life easier

Unlike other insurance companies, we provide an easy and quick way to get a home insurance quote and buy the policy online. You don’t even need to speak to us, unless you want to.

Avoid a credit check, pay upfront

We offer two payment options, you can pay monthly or annually. The monthly option has a transaction fee to pay and it requires you to have a credit rating check done by the Direct Debit provider. So if you have already had financial issues to contend with, the best option to choose is to pay for the annual premium with a credit card or debit card straight away.

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IVA insurance FAQs

We’ve prepared some helpful answers to your questions about individual voluntary arrangement insurance, and about how our policy works.

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An IVA is an alternative to bankruptcy, for people in particular circumstances, whereby you can pay an agreed sum on a monthly basis to your creditors with a view to becoming debt free (usually) within five years.

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