Diversity and inclusion

Building a skilled, diverse and united workforce

Diversity and inclusion at HomeProtect

HomeProtect is committed to fostering a skilled, diverse and united workforce that is dedicated to putting the customer at the centre of everything we do.

Our model is built on insurance for all, and we are long-standing specialists in helping people with diverse and unusual requirements. This also extends to the way that we treat our staff. 

We don’t stop at the hiring stage, we pride ourselves that we make fair and equitable decisions when it comes to aspects like compensation and follow accessible and transparent processes when internal opportunities become available.

In our company wide surveys, nearly 90% of staff believe our people are ethical and act with integrity.

“It would be a real missed opportunity if we only employed people who all fit the same mould. It takes people with different backgrounds, experiences and approaches to create the quality of solutions we are looking for.”

Mark Eastham, CEO, HomeProtect

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