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Even if you’re just making some quick DIY fixes, you should tell your insurer, as you may benefit from added Accidental Damage cover. For properties under renovation, insurance is essential, particularly if it involves structural changes.
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DIY home insurance

DIY can seem like the ideal solution to your small repair job. However, homeowners that make changes to their property without following expert advice can soon find themselves struggling with much larger issues. If you have a go at fixing a leaky tap and end up causing damage to the pipe and flooding your kitchen, then you’ll soon be wishing that you had DIY insurance in place.

Accidental Damage cover

In most cases, a HomeProtect policy will include a basic level of Accidental Damage cover. Accidental Damage covers some electrical items in your home, like your TV, as well as windows, sanitary fittings and ceramic hobs. This could be all you need for small DIY repair jobs.

However, if you are making larger changes and structural changes to your property then you will need renovation insurance for homeowners. Accidental Damage cover is not available while renovations are being conducted.

If you are considering renovations, get in touch and we can discuss modifying your cover to take insurance for building work into account.

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